Tiny Twist Double Huggie Earrings

$ 22.00


Double the Huggies, double the fun — we've packed the look of two earrings in ONE! Twist them into any single piercing and *abracadabra* — your cool factor just skyrocketed... pain-free! Available in three gleaming waterproof finishes: 14k gold fill, sterling silver or luxurious 14k solid gold. You'll love the lasting wear and unceasing comfort (no pokey pieces!), these babies are the essential 'live-in' earring.

So if you covet fully stacked ear looks but haven't taken the plunge on alllll the piercings, these tiny twists will be your new styling superhero (and yes, these work in cartilage, too)!


✨Also Available in 14K SOLID GOLD

• 14 karat gold-filled or .925 sterling silver / 100% nickel-free
• Crafted from 18-gauge wire (1mm thickness)
• Long-wearing, waterproof metal finish
• Sold as a single, or pair which includes one left ear and one right ear
• Available in 2 sizes 
• Handmade in Portland, Oregon

Sizing Notes: The size of your lobe and the placement of your piercing will determine which huggie's inner diameter will be the most comfortable for you! Our 7mm size offers a more snug fit and is better for those with thinner lobes/lower piercings, or cartilage piercings. For a slightly more open fit, or thicker lobes/higher piercings, we recommend our 9mm size. 

Watch our video in the photo reel for a visual walk-through!

1. Insert the tip into your piercing like a standard stud earring.
2. Then, twist the huggie toward or away from the face depending on if you want the huggie to 'climb up' or 'climb down' from the direction of the piercing. 
3. Tuck your earlobe fully into the hoop once the faux piercing end is flush against the front of the ear.
4. Our Right and Left ear-specific options are oriented to climb up the ear but can be worn on the opposite ear for a different look.

IMPORTANT: If you haven't worn earrings in a while, it may be helpful to "prep" your piercing for a few days with a stud-type earring. Our Twist Huggies are made with a slightly thicker gauge of metal (18-gauge/1mm wire vs. 20 gauge/.9mm wire as used in a stud-type earring). This can cause irritation if you haven't worn earrings recently or have smaller piercings. Please do not force the Huggies. Instead, start with a smaller earring and slowly build up. Our Huggies do not include an earring back or ear nut, nor should they require one to remain secure.

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About the Collection

Minimal to the max, our handcrafted jewelry will change the way you think about classics. Designed to go with everything, everywhere, this collection of waterproof jewelry takes everything you love about Grayling to the next level. Feather-light and painstakingly finished, each piece is crafted entirely of glowing 14k gold fill or brilliant .925 sterling silver, meticulously designed to be an everyday workhorse and a true staple in your jewelry box.

Our raw materials include environmentally responsible recycled metals from a third-party verified U.S. based refinery. Our 14k gold fill and sterling silver chains are machine-made to order in New York and Italy and we work with U.S. suppliers whenever possible to assure fair wages and safe working conditions within our supply chain. As always, each and every piece is 100% nickel-free and handmade in our beautiful Portland, Oregon workshop.

10% donated to charity.

This item is shipped directly from the maker! This means you may receive your order in multiple shipments (if you are ordering more than one item) and if it is being made-to-order, please be mindful of the designer's individually allocated lead times! We are proudly connecting our customers and the designers we love in a direct way in the hopes that we can support other small businesses in tandem with our own! Items that are shipped directly from the maker incur a shipping fee that is uniquely set by those designers, and we handle all the rest from there! 

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