our mission

is to provide our customers with unique handmade goods, made in the USA and this extends to the labels we carry. Altar showcases an array of goods from a multitude of North American made brands whom are also putting equal care into their products, made with ethically sourced components in good working conditions.

sustainably made in-house


Polaris ChokerPolaris Choker

Iron Oxide

Polaris Choker

$ 72
Crystal Amulet EarringsCrystal Amulet Earrings

Iron Oxide

Crystal Amulet Earrings

$ 129
Buffy EarringsBuffy Earrings

Iron Oxide

Buffy Earrings

$ 68
New Step Hoop EarringsNew Step Hoop Earrings

Iron Oxide

New Step Hoop Earrings

$ 75

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