1. Plant-based fibers in the rayon family, silks, linens, and nearly ALL natural fibers don’t like heat! Cold washing and line drying is the best way to launder these items!
  1. Most designers who work in very luscious, higher grade textiles would say keep your washing to a minimum! Just like the hair on your head: washing stresses out your fabric! It is not necessary to wash your garments unless they are specifically dirty.
  1. If you line dry an item and the temperature outside is above 98 degrees, it is similar to having your item in the dryer.                                              
  2. IF YOU SHRINK AN ITEM, HERE'S A KILLER TIP THAT MIGHT SAVE YOUR GARMENT: Ok, so really, ALL materials will shrink a little even with cold water. That's the reason if you wash your jeans and you take them out to hang dry, they are still a little more snug than when you last wore them. The reason? Fibers in textiles contract to absorb both liquid -- which is why a dryer makes matters SO much worse because it locks the fibers in a twisted, contracted form. BUT-- did you know that applied heat such as an iron or a steamer (or even a hair dryer if you're really in a pinch) will uncoil and un-contract the single fibers by flattening them back to grain and thusly expanding the shrunken garment? This is a hot tip, y'all... one that took me 10 years making apparel to learn! 
  1. Cupro is everyone’s favorite fabric these days. It is a plant-based fiber that mirrors washed silk, and is far less fussy at the seams (doesn’t fray like silk can). That said, if you spill a spot of liquid—even water—on cupro, it acts like a plant would act absorbing water. In order to even out the spot where the liquid has spilled, you must saturate the entire garment so that absorption disperses evenly. Recommended: just cold wash and lay flat or line dry.
  1. Steaming is a great way to relieve wrinkles. Pro tip: hang up your silk items in your bathroom when you shower and they’ll steam out beautifully!
  1. At the end of the day, the take home message from nearly every designer in the world: dryers are the enemy of textile, and ultimately, your clothes are very much like your hair: washing stresses them out. Garments made out of plant based fibers will try to absorb water and will shrivel from tumbled heat. 



Most of our clothing is easy fit, slightly oversized, or off the body so these measurements act as an estimate. If a garment has slight fit issues, we can do custom alterations or you can send in your measurements in the notes at checkout and we'll make the garment according to that if it's different than the sizing below. We understand that not everyone fits the cookie cutter mold of sizing patterns and our aim is to be as size-inclusive as possible so we're here to make our garments work for you and your body.
(Please note that this size chart is for Altar Houseline items only. If you have questions about the sizing of the other brands we carry please email
XS 30-32" 24-26" 20 0-2
S 32-34" 26-28" 20.5" 2-4
M 34-36" 28-32" 22" 6-8
L 36-38" 34-36” 22.5" 10-12
XL 38-40" 36-38” 23" 14-16
XXL 42-44” 38-40” 23.5" 18-20
3XL 46-50” 40-44" 24" 20-22
4XL 52-56” 46-50 24.5 24-26
5XL 58-62 52-56 25 28-30
6XL 62-64 60-62 26 32-34

*these sizes may vary a bit between wovens and knits. Always feel free to email us with specific measurement questions for any garments in particular! 

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