Nebu Sol

Sun & Moon Sign Candle Set

$ 95.00

Illuminate your cosmic journey with our zodiac sun and moon sign candle set. Select your sun and moon astrology signs for a harmonious blend. Each candle is crafted exclusively for your zodiac, carefully selected and blended to complement its distinct nature and vibe.

Calculate your sun and moon sign below! 

Your sun sign is a reflection of your core identity, ego, and individuality, while your moon sign delves into your emotional self, inner feelings, and subconscious inclinations. While the sun sign characterizes your external persona, the moon sign provides insights into your inner emotional landscape, needs, and instinctual responses to life's situations.

These candles are hand-poured in Austin TX with all-natural coconut apricot luxury wax and luxury fragrance oils.

  • 2 Black Glass Vessels at 3.97 in (w) x 3.97 in (h)
  • Each Candle has 10 oz / 296 ml wax 
  • Box size is 9.5743 x 5.0663 x 4.106 Inches
  • Total Weight: 50.5 oz / 3.16 lbs.

Scents for each sign:

Aries: rosemary, rosewater, lemon flower, mint

Taurus: lemon, jasmine, gardenia

Gemini: chamomile, lavender, lemon, sugar, musk

Cancer: lemon, lime, lavender, patchouli

Leo: orange, clementine, vanilla, cinnamon

Virgo: cactus water, melon, patchouli

Libra: eucalyptus, lavender, vanilla, musk

Scorpio: patchouli, lavender, sea kelp, sage

Sagittariusrosewater, mandarin, rosewood, musk

Capricorn: palo santo, orange, sandalwood, patchouli

Aquarius: mandarin, lemon, ginger, sage

Pisces: bergamot, sage, mint, eucalyptus, sea moss

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