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Miniature Painting Postcard

$ 6.50

These vintage postcards are adorned with the famous miniature painting style of Udaipur, which traces back to at least the 9th Century. So called 'miniature,' the technique is notable for its tiny details, painstakingly painted using vegetable and mineral derived tints and gold leaf.

While these postcards provide small, accessible examples of the art form, the centuries-old handicraft was traditionally rendered on palm leaves, fine silks and even filagreed bone and ivory. Master artists created large-scale narrative works, illustrating epics, fables and religious texts, visualizing stories through art for those who might not be able to read. 

Product Specifications:

  • 3.5" x 5.5"
  • vintage paper postcards; mineral-based tints and gold-leaf
  • Each postcard is hand-painted and completely unique; many have writing on reverse side
  • Hand painted in Udaipur, India

This is Special because...

Our postcards are created by the students at the Udaipur Art Institute, a non-profit school that teaches the craft to people in villages outside of the city in order to keep the tradition alive and bring economic sustenance to those communities. Our favorite style depicts the emblematic animals of Rajasthan in triptych, each of which represent a major city within that state. Udaipur is signified by the horse, a symbol of power; Jaipur by the elephant, a symbol of good luck; and Jaisalmer by the camel, symbolizing love. 

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