Shift + Wheeler

Lab Coat

$ 195.00

Inspired by hickory shirts, chore coats, and those cute French work coats Bill Cunningham wore to take fashion pics in the streets of New York City, the Shift Lab Coat is made from super soft 8oz 100% cotton railroad stripe denim, and cut to fit loosely if you want, or closer if you prefer. The sleeves are ever so slightly cropped to facilitate working and feature a very deep hem for a nice weight. Loose a-line shape accommodates hips and bellies. Single snap keeps you together.


Bigger: 71” chest circumference, 79” hip circumference (bottom hem), 32” length
Mediumish: 64” chest circumference, 72” hip circumference (bottom hem), 31” length
Smaller: 54” chest circumference, 62” hip circumference (bottom hem), 29” length

Amelia is about a size 22/24 and is wearing the Mediumish
Jordan is around a size 6 and is wearing the Smaller

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