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Growth + Repair Hair Serum

$ 30.00
Growth + Repair Hair Serum 

A revitalizing hair serum made of Horsetail, Nettle, Rosemary + Clary Sage, to nourish + promote a healthy scalp and treat dandruff, while helping to restore shiny locks. 

Horsetail has the ability of strengthening, nourishing + reviving dull or damaged hair. When massaged into the scalp it stimulates the hair follicles + improves circulation. Nettle helps prevent hair loss, dandruff + split ends. Rosemary aids in circulation, has stimulating properties + helps bring blood flow to the surface of the skin, encouraging new hair growth. Lastly, Clary Sage promotes hair growth + can help normalize oil production + control dandruff. 

+Ideal for dry scalp, dry and/or damaged ends + strands.
+Massage dropper full into the scalp + roots of hair. Leave in for 20-30 minutes and wash out or leave serum in overnight and wash out in morning.
+ Can also be used as a leave-in conditioner by applying a couple drops to clean, damp hair. 
+ For best results, use 2-3 times a week. 
+Keep out of direct sunlight.
+Use within 12 months of opening. 

1 oz

INGREDIENTS: Horsetail* + Nettle* infused in Sunflower Oil*, Argan Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Clary Sage Essential Oil* + Rosemary Essential Oil*, Rosemary Antioxidant 

+Horsetail: Strengthens, nourishes + revives dull or damaged hair. When massaged into the scalp it stimulates the hair follicles + improves circulation. 

+Nettle: Helps to prevent hair loss, stimulate the scalp + encourage glossy, shiny hair. Can also curb dandruff + split ends. 

+Argan Oil: This Moroccan oil is rich in vitamins A, C + E as well as being loaded with antioxidants. 

+Jojoba Oil: Moisturizes the hair, adds nutrients + stimulates the scalp.

+Clary Sage: Promotes hair growth + stimulates the scalp. When massaged into the scalp, clary sage can help normalize oil production + control dandruff.

+Rosemary: A revitalizing herb that helps improve + encourage hair to be strong. Packed with antioxidants which can prevent thinning hair, this essential oil promotes blood circulation which helps to stimulate hair follicles + hair growth. Rosemary also has the ability to help greasy scalps + hair as it tones down sebum production.
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