Altar Houseline

Francis Dress in Lavender Garden Twill

$ 148.00

The exquisite lavender essence of this dress is complimented by its delicate, floral pattern. This twill woven, known as 'Prada twill,' boasts a magnificent opaqueness, graceful drape, and smooth weight. This deadstock fabric is a rare find, and I am thrilled to offer it to you. Its floral design is perfect for all seasons: vibrant and striking in warmer months, and easily layered for the colder weather with boots and tights. This dress is not just beautiful, but also practical as a versatile staple piece that flatters curves and busts.

Quantities are limited due to the nature of its origin as fabulous deadstock.

Please note that Altar Houseline items can take up to 14 business days to ship, because we're making them especially for you!

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