Pink Moon

Earth Element Collection – Strengthening | Aventurine

$ 102.00
  • Inspired by Earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn
  • Especially created for those who want to take a moment to relax, slow down, and luxuriate with hardworking products that do it all: clean, detoxify, exfoliate, soothe, restore + nurture, deeply moisturize, and leave skin soft and plump
  • Take a walk in a mystical forest and cocoon your skin with: Snow mushroom, kaolin clay, ivy, calendula, neem leaf, geranium
  • 100% vegan, natural colors, healthy-for-you + planet-friendly formulas
  • Cleanser and Moisturizer are fragrance & essential oil-free
  • Essence scent profile: earthy and herbaceous with a hint of sweetness – geranium + benzoin from pure essential and resin oils
  • Co-created with an AAPI astrologer, Evelyn Zuel
  • Green aventurine is commonly used to call in good luck and abundance
    • Uses earth element energy to stabilize, ground, and center; especially beneficial for earth signs who get too into their heads with the details, this stone helps bring you back down to earth
    • Comes in a reusable organza storage pouch
    • Raw and 100% natural, ethically sourced from Brazil
    • Each stone is unique (just like you!) and will have various differentiations in size, color, shape, and texture – so the one you receive may not look like the one pictured here


Note: The color of this product may naturally change in response to the elements (light, air) due to the colors being derived from plant-based, natural extracts. This does not impact the efficacy of the formula. To prevent the color change, store the product in a cabinet and keep it away from direct/indirect light.

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