Altar PDX

Bridesmaid / Bestie Gift Box!

$ 55.00

The popularity of our Apothecary Discovery Boxes has made us think that maybe some folx would be interested in trying out a smaller version that is more geared towards gifts for besties, bridesmaids, sweethearts, or... yourself? 

To customize this box, we will focus on the astrological signs of the recipients! You'll be able to choose from the 12 signs, and we will include a gorgeous star sign necklace in a beautiful jewelry box, along with some elemental-themed apothecary items! 

This $55 box contains your hand-picked zodiac necklace paired with amazing apothecary, skincare and/or cosmetic elements that are each lovingly hand-selected and hand-packed per order! We choose our favorite products from the tremendously efficacious and lovely handmade vendors we work with so that you can discover something new each time!

No two apothecary boxes are ever the same! 

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