Arc Marquise Flat Back Earrings - Four Inlaid Crystals

$ 64.00


With four shimmering, marquise-cut CZ stones resting against the earlobe and a smooth, no-poke back, this earring lends a playful vibe to anything you wear it with. Buy two to make a pair, or wear it on its own for an artistic touch.

Our flat-back sleeper earrings are incredibly comfortable to wear (and sleep in). Each piece is created with solid implant-grade titanium, so they won’t rust or fade when worn in the shower or to the gym. Make these earrings yours and enjoy "set-it-and-forget-it" convenience 24/7!

Bonus: they work in both lobe and cartilage piercings. And, like everything at Grayling, our flat-back sleeper earrings are entirely hypoallergenic and 100% nickel free. So, say goodbye to irritated skin and hello to the ultimate addition to your ear stack!

Take a look at our how-to guide and video to learn more about these easy, sleep-friendly earrings.

• Sold as a single or a pair
• Threadless, push-pin design
• Earring front is 10mm wide
• Length: 1/4" 
• Gauge: 20GA/0.8mm thickness (the same as standard earrings!)
• Material: ASTM F136 implant-grade titanium, or with a long-wearing, waterproof gold PVD finish, cubic zirconia
• Sourced in partnership with a family-owned facility in California

FITTING NOTES: If the earring doesn’t stay together, don’t worry! To create tension, insert the front pin halfway into its back and bend slightly. Once completely inserted into the back, the now-bent front pin should create enough tension to secure both pieces together.

Katy's Take

“Our flat back studs are a dream come true for those who don’t take out earrings at night (or ever)! Designed to be put in and left in — you’ll love the 24/7 comfort and low-fuss style. Made to mix, match, and layer, these earrings are crafted from skin-friendly medical-grade titanium, an approved material for safety in all earring applications by the Association of Professional Piercers — even fresh piercings! If you have difficulty finding earrings due to a nickel allergy or skin sensitivity, our flat back studs will be your new best friend!”

10% donated to charity.

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