Wildflower Beauty by Jessica

My Everything Balm

$ 15.75

My Everything Balm is an original concept that allows you to use one product for many uses.  Packed with luxurious oils and butters, use this product as your every day hand cream, or as a weekly oil washing product.  

Scent Options (scroll down for even more information on these scents & which is right for you)

  • Lavender Geranium
  • Tangerine
  • Eucalyptus Mint
  • Natural Scent

Product Uses

  • Moisturizer/Hand cream/Cuticle Balm
  • Lip Treatment
  • Face Balm
  • Oil Washing
  • Chest Rub for cough (Eucalyptus Mint scent, ages 2+)
  • Elbows, Knees & Feet
  • Eczema or skin irritation (Natural Scent)
  • Hair flyaway cure/Hair Treatment/Scalp Treatment (wash out)
  • Travel size product for everything you need in one tube

100% Aluminum Tube (ZERO PLASTIC) with aluminum cap.  

USE NOTICE: This is an aluminum tube, meaning you must only push product out from the tail side first and continue to fold over until product is empty.  If you squeeze the middle of the tube, the shape does NOT bounce back.  We chose this packaging option as a plastic-free 100% eco friendly and recyclable option to your product needs.  Aluminum tubes that "bounce back" are internally lined with a plastic material that is not 100% eco-friendly so we did not choose that option.  Our 100% aluminum material was chosen as the best option for the product as well as the environment.

Which scent should I choose?

🍃lavender geranium

Great for the face, lavender & geranium essential oils are known for their ability to heal the skin, and promote aging with grace. If you're dealing with really serious cracks in the hands/feet, or have some repair work to do, this is a great scent option for you (along with the natural scent).  Use this scent option to oil wash your face and receive a lot of benefits towards your skin's appearance and even firming.


Vitamin C! Real citrus essential oil (what we use) has more Vitamin C per drop than the chemically created ascorbic acid found in most Vitamin C products (not what we ever use). Help your skin's glow and fill it with nutrients with this absolutely delicious scent. Creamsicle anyone? Please make sure if you're applying this generously on the face, you use it at night and avoid direct sun exposure. Great for oil washing and a night time moisturizer.

🍃eucalyptus mint

Not only is this scent the most refreshing, it can be used as a chest rub for coughing on ages 2+, and can be rubbed over the nose/forehead areas for sinus relief. 

Wonderful for the feet, peppermint promotes circulation... but we're just getting started....

Use this as a massage oil as it melts on skin to relieve tired muscles, a sore neck and back, or put it on your temples to help with headaches and eye strain.  This scent is a staple in our house now and is used by the whole family for different reasons.

🍃natural scent/unscented

My super sensitive skin people! Even though essential oils are 100% natural and pure, not everyone likes them or can handle them.  Our natural scent still smells wonderful due to all of the amazing naturally smelling ingredients like cocoa butter and almond butter. This is a wonderful choice for babies under 2, can be used as an ointment for scratches or skin irritations, and is a great option for morning oil washing and really is the most versatile out of any scent - no limitations here!

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