Altar PDX

Altar Houseline Perfume

$ 24.00

We made perfumes and they smell AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING! Our easy spray bottle allows for a non-leaky option that travels nicely and adds the perfect amount of scent per spray. The solid black bottle protects the longevity of the fragrance oils by protecting it from UV rays. Below you'll find a description of each of our scents. 

ORBIT: blossom water and wild jasmine 

SUPERNOVA: sensual spice, lavender moss, vetiver, and vanilla 

MILKY WAY: cream, musk, amber woods, and bergamot vanilla

NEBULA: damask rose and oud 

ingredients: jojoba and coconut oil, water, fragrance oils, perfumer's isopropyl alcohol. 

dimensions (in inches): 1.10 x 3.17

bottle capacity: 1oz / 30ml

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