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Altar has always been known for our beautiful curation. Our website receives traffic from all over the world in search of artistry and design sensibility that truly sets us apart. 

Our brick-and-mortar and our website ONLY features brands that are ethically produced and independently manufactured. We know this sometimes means that products are in limited supply, and perhaps are not reproducible. 

This year, in addition to our physical brick-and-mortar, we are seeking to create an awesome opportunity for the artists we love to support with our soon-to-be launching digital marketplace

This digital marketplace includes a simple, easy plug-in that allows us to wholesale from our vendors in real-time (meaning: from our customers ordering --> to us purchasing the item from our vendors --> to the product heading to fulfillment). We love this model because it solves some of the critical scaling issues that face a lot of smaller, independent brands. It is not uncommon that stocking a retail store with physical product ties up inventory on both ends and creates challenges for both sides of the process. 

This is also awesome for our customers because they discover amazing new brands and can continue to shop through our website to order from as many different brands as they'd like!

If you're a rad brand that we should know about, hit us up! Tell us a little bit about your design process and products, and we would love to see if you're a good fit for our digital marketplace! 

Our beta-testing marketplace brands have been doing FANTASTIC and we can't wait to grow this and offer a collaborative connection for our customers with the brands they're looking for! 

altar marketplace

We are going pretty old-school with our submission process so we can have individual conversations with each brand and really learn about you, so please shoot us an email at to find out more! 

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