Omnia Oddities

Aug 16, 2017

Omnia Oddities is an independently handmade jewelry line from Greenville, South Carolina. If you’ve ever wanted to find a luxurious, high quality brand of gothic and occult themed accessories, Omnia Oddities is definitely one of those product lines. From sterling silver crystal ball oracle rings, to brass white globe arachne spider amulets, these darkly magical pieces will polish your wardrobe, completing all of your otherworldly fantasies.


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My initial reaction to seeing these pieces was complete awe.


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It was as if all of my favorite Hollywood blockbuster fantasies, whether it was Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Pan’s Labyrinth, or The Lord of the Rings, had come alive, but solely through jewelry. When you see beautiful handmade items, inspired by all the stories that struck you as a child while growing up, seemingly manifested into a physical form that is purchasable: you can’t help but want to splurge all the money in the world on such ornate and adorned accessories. It’s like having a little piece of what you saw so magical as a kid-- worn on your body.  


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With a strong curiosity and obsession with myths and legends, I really love how all of their pieces express a story and background. For example, take the Mini Charon’s Lantern Amulet. Charon, whose name means “fierce brightness” in Greek, is the ferryman who navigates the rivers of the underworld, ferrying the souls of the dead across, once their toll is paid. This intricate lantern necklace is set with gorgeous natural quartz crystals, symbolizing Charon’s eternal flame, with a brightly polished brass lantern with detailed designs.


Shop Portland Local Altar PDX Arachne Spider Amulet Brass Polished Opal Myth Greek Athena Necklace Omnia Oddities Gothic Jewelry


However, of all the new Omnia pieces we have received, I have to say the Arachne Spider Amulet, is in my opinion, one of their most intricately beautiful pieces. Inspired by the myth of Arachne, the young mortal with a blessed talent for wondrous weaving, this human challenged the goddess Athena to a weaving contest. As Athena realized her weaving skills were no match for Arachne’s, she shredded Arachne’s tapestry to pieces, turned her into a spider, and cursed her and her descendants to weave for all of eternity. This spider amulet is made with polished brass, the abdomen set with a white opal globe, reflective with an array of beautiful iridescent colors, representing the shredded pieces of Arachne’s beautiful tapestry.


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The jewelry of Omnia Oddities is one that is unique, alluring, and mythical. Perfect as eclectic gifts for special occasions like weddings or anniversaries, any receiver of such prized and special accessories will quiver with awe filled excitement due to such precious keepsakes. As “jewelry for the unearthly,” wear these strange and one of kind pieces proudly, and relive all of those magical moments you had as a kid, and now.

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