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Here at Altar PDX: we all smell amazing.

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Some days we smell like the morning dew on your favorite meadow; pollen in the air, eyes swollen red, and flower petals rambunctiously flying every which direction as your eyesight is blinded due to the screaming sun and raging heat. Some days we smell like the perfect rose, home grown and freshly plucked from your own grandmother’s garden, who proceeds to shame you for not growing up to be an all successful physician, lawyer, and businessman. Some days, we smell like the forest: a home of all our blessed animals and creatures that we love and admire so much. So much in fact that we often forget that these mountain lions, wild bears, cougars, and raccoons could murder us in an instant. Such is the power of mother nature’s true family. Other days, we give off a fragrance so effervescent, so indescribable, so encapsulating, and so magnificent that you cannot, even with your own olfactory sense, understand what kind of perfume your little nose smells.

Some days, we smell like a vision. Other days, we smell like the moon.  

These five smells: the meadow, the rose, the forest, the vision, and the moon are the five different scents Seidr Studio graces our shop with.


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If you’re unfamiliar with Seidr Studios at this point you probably have never experienced life, you probably have never experienced beauty, and you probably have never smelled anything before, at all. Seidr Studio, is a Pacific Northwest label, based in Seattle, WA, proving eco-friendly apothecary goods and garments. And here at Altar PDX, we have their magical oil blends, soaps, and body mists for sale.


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Here are the wonderful concoctions of Seidr Studio’s delicious flavours:

Rose- Rose buds and essential oils of rose absolute, rosewood, and bergamot.

Meadow- Calendula petals and essential oils of lavender, bergamot, cardamom, lemongrass, and cinnamon.    

Visions- One tiny quartz crystal and essential oils of frankincense, cedarwood, black pepper, and nutmeg.

Forest- Juniper berries and essential oils of pine, cedarwood, ginger and lavender.

Luna- Lavender buds  and essential oils of lavender, sage, rosemary and ginger.

All of these gorgeous flavours come in the form of a body mist and soap. For example, their Visions Soap Bar, is a lightly scented detoxifying soap bar made with activated charcoal, and their essential oil blend, targeted perfectly for oily and acne prone skin.


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So, live your life, live your dream, and live your fantasy. Be the meadow, be a rose petal, live in the forest, become your vision, and fly to the moon. Such are the products of Seidr Studio. So come by your favorite local boutique, Altar PDX, and pick up some life enhancing oil blends and fragrances.