Fade to Light: Past and Present

Fade To Light: A Multidimensional Fashion Event has always been one of our favorite fashion shows here in Portland, OR. At this point, it is commonly revered as “THE” premier fashion show in our region.     

What sets this show apart is the emphasis on “multi-dimensional” components. Every designer’s collection is accompanied with a video and often includes live performance components as well. It is all about the spectacle.

The crowd is always fabulously stylish and the collections featured are always top notch.

Altar Houseline has shown in this event a number of times now at Fade to Light and has had the opportunity to come up with different creative ideas as a means to express each different collection. These include “The SEARCH3R Collection”, “The Altamont Collection”, and “The Painted Hills Collection.” Each came with its own branding video, expressing the vision and creative inspiration behind each collection of apparel.

Before we dig into a preview of what designers you’ll see at this year’s Fade to Light, we are getting all watery-eyed as we reminisce about our past collections. We figured it might be a fun time to post our old videos for your enjoyment (definitely best watched with sound):


Fade to Light Altar PDX Portland Local Fashion Show Altamont Gotchi Apparel Chic Shopping

Back in August 2015, Altar Houseline released “The Altamont Collection,” a collaboration between Cassie Ridgway and Elizabeth Mollo, heavily inspired by Greek Orthodox Vestments, and the music of 1960s Greek psychedelic rock band, Aphrodite’s Child.


SEARCH3R Altar Houseline Wolf Child Michelle Lesniak Fade to Light Dark Gothic Rocker Chic Apparel Portland Local Handmade


Then in August 2016, “The SEARCH3R Collection” was debuted. A collaboration between Altar Houseline, Wolf Child, and Michelle Lesniak, with a hip extraterrestrial theme, these pieces were a lovely collaboration and fusing of three different styles. They came together to give birth to a ready to wear, black, rocker girl vibe with a heavy obsession with aliens and the further unknown. 


Shop Portland Local Fade to Light Fashion Show SEARCH3R Wolf Child Altar Houseline Michelle Lesniak Designers Rocker Chic Alternative Handmade  


The Painted Hills

Fade to Light Painted Hills Altar PDX Houseline Portland Local Handmade Fashion Boho Chic Shopping Elizabeth Mollo

And most recently, “The Painted Hills Collection,” from Altar Houseline and Elizabeth Mollo, was a line that paid homage to the preservation of sacred places in the Northwest. A much more colorful, and happier line of clothing, with summer dresses, breezy tops and other neutral colored pieces, the clothes meant to reflect the natural world around us, like the Painted Hills and other beautiful natural landscapes.


I really love this show because it allows designers to fully express their artistic visions with a “think outside the box” runway presentation. In the past we’ve had, the infamous “Snake Woman” from Colty PDX, a dance presentation from Laurs Kemp, and other excellent displays of local fashion creativity.

And now for the second time this year, Fade To Light: A Multidimensional Fashion Event, will debuting all new collections from:

Carolyn Hart

Fräulein Couture

One Imaginary Girl

Portland Fashion Institute

Sonia Kasparian

Veil & Valor