Wolf Child!

May 24, 2017

If you aren’t familiar with Wolf Child, the fashion t-shirt brand, I have good news for you:  

In her most recent restock of treasured shirts, Sabrina Jackson, the independent founder and creator of these pieces, draws inspiration from a variety of areas to her designs. Whether it be ancient cultures respected throughout the world, beasts of the majestic wild, faved 60’s rock posters, the mysticism of tarot, and flea market treasures, Wolf Child shirts are definitely besought by many!  


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Now, I know one of the great things about shopping at Altar is our devotion to ethical fashion. Wolf Child is certainly one such brand. All of their garments are made in L.A. and by people paid with attention to good living wages. Wolf Child knows their employees, converses with them weekly, and uses sustainable modal fabric made from the recycled pulp of birch trees. As a result, this brand implements a multitude of sustainable practices to reduce carbon footprint, and satisfy customers with soft and wearable fabrics.

These tees are a summer staple for our staff. Style them with shorts and head to the river, or under a little jacket with jeans and heels and look like a badass on your date night - super versatile.

After taking a personal, close up look at Sabrina’s works, website and blog, I’ve learned that not only are these shirts made with luscious fabric and illustrated with beautiful detail, but each shirt aims to express a spiritual, thought provoking theme. As an artist, her designs are meant to portray the spirit of the Wolf Child.

According to their blog, four spheres are envisioned as a framework for this art.

Muse: The exploration of the creator, the process, and inspiration.

Earth: The celebration of the natural world that gives life and revelation.

Spirit: The expansion of the mind and consciousness that opens and wonders.

Alchemy: The seeking of chemical tools that honor these primary spheres.

Each of these four spheres reflect the Wolf Child brand and design, whether it be through their sustainable practice or the messages in their clothing.



I personally love the Venom Vision Tee. I love the detail of the snake, and the all seeing eye. (Full disclosure: I’m also, in general, obsessed with snakes and the Illuminati. Did you know before “Fine China,” my drag name used to be “Illuma Naughty?” So amazingly creative, I know.)

More than happy to have these authentic tees in our shop, I hope you come by to share these wonderful pieces.  



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