Valentine's Gift Guide

This darn holiday… every year, my husband and I say that we aren’t going to do anything for Valentine’s Day, then every year we both sneak gifts into house. We’ve come to expect the unexpected, and the process involves a bit of levity because ultimately neither of us want to be the one who didn’t *actually* not buy the present we said we weren’t going to buy.

Needless to say, it’s nice to have a mix of little somethings to remind your sweetie that you admire them. Whether that’s something a little more impactful like a piece of jewelry, light-hearted like a funny card, or downright sexy like some perfume.

We wanted to make some of these items easy for you to peruse; so for a mix of ideas, here’s our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:


First no-brainer: our special edition Love Spell Gift Box has. it. all. It is (in my opinion) our loveliest assortment of apothecary and crystal magic, and it is truly a wonderful gift to unwrap. 

Next up: we have some beautiful jewelry in the category of rose quartz and amethyst (both of which are known for love faculties). The Rose Quartz Ascension Stone necklace (currently in our Fire Sale section!) is a beautiful, modern element. 

Always a classic, the Iron Oxide Crystal Spinner Necklace is one of our best sellers and is a true talisman of romance. 

For your over-worked lover who needs a break, The BEING Still Salt Bath is a gorgeous treat. Beautifully paired with the new vibrant rose scented Golda Pyramid Soap

If you're feeling the effects of these deep apothecary note, one of our absolute favorite perfumers, Age of Earth, has some stunning fragrances to resonate of loving moments in your life. Our selection for this type of nostalgic reverie is Hidden

We're also very fond of sensual effects of Kore Apothecary's Auric Facial Mist, which is lightly blessed with rose quartz and floral aromatics. 

This stunning Sunstone Ring by Blue & Blue is a statement piece that is hand hammered and hand-carved; or for the ring aficionado, one of our favorite metalsmithed jewelry companies, Omnia, has some incredible new stock in our store including this Sapientia Ring


 These jewelry options are obviously just a tiny cross-section of the incredibly vast selection our store offers; we know that for most valentines, picking that one-of-a-kind piece is in the eye of the beholder. If you have any questions about any of the jewelry we carry, please feel free to email us! Our staff has answers and can help you find exactly what you're looking for!