Therese Kuempel Jewelry

Among the large variety of new product we have in store for you from an assortment of incredible independent designers, the first of which I’d love to introduce to: Therese Kuempel Jewelry. A designer that stands out in so many ways, Therese graduated from the School of Art Institue of Chicago, taking inspiration from the natural world, crystal facets and geometric shapes. As both a metalsmith and sculptor, she has found brass--among other metals--to be the perfect catalyst for capturing such time-based temporal moments. Her jewelry is ornamented with elements such as the evil eye, sacred hands, and meaningful stones. So if you’re a fan of brass keepsakes-- in the form of beautiful jewelry-- read on! 


Therese Kuempel Brass Jewelry Shop Portland Local Altar PDX Opal Jewelry Crystal Pyrite Bracelet Cuff


An element that I find particularly special about this product line is the intriguing process that Therese uses. Known as the wax casting method, this designer begins by creating prototypes in wax, followed by molds of these wax formations. She then places these molds in a kiln, melts down her metals of choice, usually brass, and casts these designs.  

One of my favorite products is her embellished lighter cases. They are brilliantly useful and expertly created. Not only are they gorgeous as wonderful statement pieces, but they are a classy way to dress up a commonly used device, marking them as a truly novel item to carry.


Therese Kuempel Brass Jewelry Shop Portland Local Altar PDX Opal Jewelry Crystal Brass Lighter Case Evil Eye Palmistry Earrings Opal Brass Quartz


In addition, her jewelry is just as special. With an esoteric vibe, and mystical essence, her bracelets are simple and fine yet touched with just enough detail to make each piece feel whole, finished, and garnished with reflective stones like opal and moonstone. Examples are the bracelets and arm cuffs, like the Apal Aria Cuff and Opal Trio Stacking Bracelet. I love jewelry that is made to stack, it allows the wearer to create their own custom line up of jewelry on their arm, perfect to express one’s own individuality and taste.


Palmistry Opal Brass Lighter Case Porcelain Chillum Clear Quartz Bracelet Cuff Ring


Other than bracelets and cuffs, Therese’s earrings are a stand out item. I really love the Palma earrings. These little hands are sculpted in wax, cast in brass and are made one of a kind. Who doesn’t want cute magical hands on their ears?! So, if you ever find yourself in the situation where someone is talking your ear off, and want them to shut up, simply turn your head, face your ear to them and firmly state, “talk to the hand.”

Thank you again for learning about new brands at Altar PDX. We try our hardest to find new jewelry perfect for our discerning customers, as we know you are all such individuals with an eclectic taste level and have high expectations in the product you buy. I personally feel Therese Kuempel Jewelry to be one of such jewelry lines. Stay tuned for more new products fresh from the source!


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