Spring Staff Style

Ostara, the Spring Equinox, has finally blessed our presence! March has leaped in like a rabbit out of hibernation, and thank goodness the weather will be changing. The rain is a fall, the cherry blossoms abloom, my nose running, and my eyes, itching. Other than Spring allergies and my devotion to antihistamines, kleenex and eye drops, I also look forward to new fashion!

This season, we have decided to have the Altar team dress themselves in their favorite Spring inspired pieces -- some of which can be found online (and everything online will be 15% off all weekend!) I hope you enjoy this feature as our team expresses their own unique styles and choices!



Fine China Wearing Local Portland Fashion: Indie Ella Kimono, Morph Knitwear Linen Tunic Dress, MKO Collar, Blackhorne Sacred Collar, Noniko Earrings, and PRIMITIVE 3 Tier Stamped Brass NecklaceFor this look, to be able to continue my devotion to the blackest of black, I decided to go for a sort of “dark samurai” inspired outfit. As I was browsing the store, I immediately NEEDED to incorporate Morph Knitwear’s Linen Tunic Dress. I absolutely LOVE this dress due to its versatility to layer, its ultra breathability, and also its capability to morph over time with wear. Next, I decided to pair it with Indie Ella’s Black and White Dotted Kimono, as robes and loungewear are very in this Spring. For accessories, I used MKO’s Collar, Blackhorne’s Sacred Collar, Noniko’s Brass Cut Geo Earrings, and PRIMITIVE’s Three Tier Stamped Brass Necklace. Who says gold toned and silver toned jewelry can’t go together?! 


Portland Local Fashion Altar PDX Houseline Cigarette Pant, Wolfchild Hereafter T-Shirt, Dwellore Minor Arcana Sword Necklace and Amphora Ring, Theeth Scorpion and Labradorite Ring, and J.J. Burton Skull Bolo Tie Wearing the new Altar Houseline’s Cigarette Pant, the Wolfchild Hereafter T-Shirt, accessorized with Theeth’s Scoprion Labradorite Ring and J.J. Burton’s SIlver Skill Bolo Tie, this outfit is perfect for the convenient, on-the-go person. If you’ve got places to be, people to see, and constantly on the run, the combination of these elements keeps you street cute, yet functional. A humbler look, I really like the combination of the relaxed t-shirt with the somewhat ‘classier’ items, like the cigarette pant and beautiful handmade jewelry. 


Portland Local Fashion: Iron Oxide, Altar PDX Houseline Black Bleached Shift Dress, MKO Collar and Taxilhoax Elemental NecklaceTo create a flattering, day look, Amy chose Altar Houseline’s Black Bleached Shift Dress with Taxil Hoax’s Elemental Necklace. The dress is hand bleached, thus making each version of this dress completely unique from its siblings. An easy fit dress, it will definitely become one of your go-to shirts due to its comfortable, yet chic style and design. Following the Spring jewelry trend of raw stones and mineral material, the Elemental Necklace adds a nice touch of rustic style to this overall outfit.



Portland Local Fashion: Altar PDX Origami Flounce Houseline Dress, The Salt Empire Archer Necklace
The Altar Houseline’s Origami Flounce Dress in this outfit contains a very clean, yet simple geometric striped statement pattern. This lightweight breezy ankle dress definitely looks best wearing open toed shoes, or flats. To add a subtle hint of jewelry, Cassie wears The Salt Empire’s Archer Necklace. This bucolic inspired necklace definitely softens the hard lines in the dress, light balancing the outfit for a casual, yet Portland chic outing. This is an “everything” dress for Spring/Summer weddings, and it flows so you can eat and drink what you want. ;)



Portland Local Fashion Altar PDX: FROND Top, Iron Oxide Black Crystal Gemstone NecklaceWearing one of my favorite tops in the store, Katie picked FROND’s Black Deep V Crop Top. As I love how this shirt hangs from the chest, due its 100% linen material it really allows the body to breathe with its high air permeability. Also wearing Iron Oxide’s Black Crystal Crescent Gemstone Necklace, this necklace is made of titanium-plated quartz, centered with a lovely moonstone, giving the outfit just the small amount of detail needed to remain a dark minimalist look 


Portland Local Fashion Altar PDX: Field Day Brigid Jumper, and Iron Oxide Double Dart NecklaceAnother beautifully simplistic yet matched outfit is Mary’s choose to wear Field Day’s Brigid Jumper with Iron Oxide’s Double Dart Necklace. I really love how the bottom of the jumper looks, billowy, breezy and slightly pleated. It hugs the body very nicely around waist to show off any kind of hourglass figure, while the necklace gives it the perfect amount of eye-catching shine. 








Portland Local Fashion Altar PDX, Houseline Black Fox Dress, Noniko Brass Cut Geo Necklace, Black Hexagon with BrassOne of the trends popular this Spring/Summer season are being overexposed with sheer textures, having hide and seek cut outs. Rakeem’s ready-to-wear outfit definitely shows this style. Adorned with Altar Houseline’s Black Fox Dress, armed with Noniko’s Brass Cut Geo Necklace and finished with While Odin Sleeps’ Black Hexagon with Brass Necklace, this androgynous outfit combines both black sheer trends with raw mineral statement jewelry trends.



So concludes our Spring staff style! I hope you’ve enjoyed each of our member’s individual style, giving you idea on how to combine our garment and jewelry the next you stop by Altar. Enjoy the coming sunshine and blooming flowers!  

(Images by Altar PDX)