Spring Giveaway!

Portland Local Boutique Altar PDX Giveaway: Tarot Cards, Crystals, Lip Balm, Oils, Potions, Body Sprays, Lipstick and Candles

 As you all know it’s Spring! And let me tell you again: my allergies are here to stay and are not going anywhere. The last time I was working at the shop I filled an entire garbage can with tissues. AN ENTIRE GARBAGE CAN. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT IS? HOW MANY TREES ARE OBLITERATED TO SUSTAIN MY ALLERGIES!? IT IS A CURSE. IRONIC THAT SPRING POLLEN CAUSES MY ALLERGIES AND MY ALLERGIES CAUSE THE SENSELESS WASTE OF PLANT PRODUCTS FROM THE CARNAGE OF TISSUES I PRODUCE.

Anyways, as it is Spring, Ostara has come, and the trees and flowers are fertilizing like no other. To celebrate this season of fertility and sex: we are doing some new giveaways!

This time, we have created three different packages; each with their own purpose and theme. There will be three lucky winners this time!

Portland Local Altar PDX Spring Giveaway: Lip Balm, Scented Oils, Body Spray, Fluorite Crystals, Healing Oils, Handmade Soap, Lipstick and Potions

The first giveaway is our Sleep Package. Complete with Wild Medicine’s Handmade Soap with green calcite, eucalyptus and calendula flower, these ingredients are great for a good night’s rest to stabilize emotions and promote healing during sleep. Next is State of Wellness’ Sleep Rollerball Oil, made with coconut oil, lavender, vetiver and marjoram, definite to help you fall to rest whenever needed. Seagrape’s Deep Light Bath and Body Oil is also included in this giveaway to relax and calm the nerves whenever needed, whether dropped in your bath, or massaged onto the body. Furthermore, our raw stone, Blue Celestite, will be present. I really love these stones due to their ability to heal, during feelings of intimidation and fear. Keep it by your bed if you happen to wake at night in panic, or hold it before sleep to allow your mind to freely wander within its pathways. Also in this package include four pieces of fluorite, to ward off nightmares, For Real Surreal Club’s Celestial Swarm Beeswax Candle, and Black Lipstick Company’s Lipstick in shade Snow Queen.   

The second giveaway is our Centered Package. Very precious in this giveaway is Sister Spinster’s Miss Prism Potion Formula, containing essences of mahogany, obsidian, orange calcite, citrine, malachite, turquoise, lapis lazuli and amethyst in a rose and honey infused brandy. This potion with all its ingredients works to open all of the body’s energy centers to activate passion, creativity, sexuality, personal strength, and overall intention. Also in this package is, Seidr Studio’s Visions Scented Oil. This oil contains apricot oil, vitamin E, frankincense, bergamot, cedarwood, black pepper, nutmeg and one small quartz crystal. Next, are five pieces of fluorite, one of which is our Rough Purple Fluorite, great for emotional healing, facing reality, and calming. Also said to offer protection from evil spirits, it relieves stress, comforts our spirituality, and is therapeutic for those who hate to be touched or examined making it great to bring with you during medical tests. It is the most peace-giving of the fluorites. This giveaway also includes For Real Surreal Clubs’s Celestial Swarm Beeswax Candle, a citrine rock soap, and Black Lipstick Company’s Lipstick in shade Snow Queen.


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The last giveaway is our Transformative Package. This ultimate package contains the most gifts and is definitely the one you want to aim to win! It contains State of Wellness’ Solstice Transformation Blend made of organic aloe leaf juice, witch hazel, organic white willow bark, tea tree oil, rose water, bergamot, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, lemon, wild orange, and cypress. This blend aids the body and mind during times of change and transition, fostering acceptance of the natural evolution of beginnings and endings. To further aid the practice of transformation, we have also added Skullgarden’s The Wooden Tarot (for more information about this deck click here), helpful for anyone seeking mindful questions to be answered, curiosity unfogged, and change understood. The special crystal included in this package is Amethyst. A very useful crystal, it aids in reducing addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, and hyperactivity. This stone also protects against paranormal harm or ill-wishing, while attracting good luck. Even more interesting, it was once believed that a person could call any love by speaking their name into an amethyst crystal. For meditative practices and visualizations, place this stone in the center of the brow to recharge your chakra and energy. Speaking of stones, this giveaway also includes Robert Simmons’ “The Pocket Book of Stones,” an introductory guide to stones and their energies for those new to the field of crystals and their healing abilities. I find this guidebook incredibly great with its vivid color pictures of each stone, the quick guide to each rock’s qualities, along with their physical, emotional, and spiritual correspondences. This super package also includes a large quartz crystal rock soap, four pieces of fluorite, For Real Surreal Club’s Celestial Swarm Beeswax Candle, and Black Lipstick Company’s Lipstick in Snow Queen.     

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You can enter as many times as you want so be sure to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities to win some beautiful gifts! Our three winners will be announced on Friday April 28th!

Good luck and Happy Spring!