Spring 2019 Lookbook: AURA

Emerging from the cover of winter we find ourselves shedding layers; not only that of clothing, but more spiritually, we shed the shadows that keep us submerged in the darkness of our own minds. Inspired by the cascading rainbows that bring us light and hope between the persistent showers of early spring, ALTAR is proud to introduce our newest and most kaleidoscopic look book: AURA.

We had so much fun putting this together for you guys, so please enjoy video to give you a little peak of our process behind the scenes, featuring a taste of a previously unreleased song from Flight Call!

Flight Call is a conceptual electronic music project created by Portland poet & singer/songwriter Tai Woodville. This album is part manifesto, part love letter to the awakening dreamer. Each song is created to function as a real-time talisman of soul remembrance. The ten song album, Homeworld, is currently in its final stages of production. Go to www.iamflightcall.com or follow @flightcall on Instagram to connect & follow her journey.  
ALTAR PDX, ALTAR Houseline, Iron Oxide, Iron Oxide Jewelry, Jumpsuit, ALTAR Portland
This lookbook features light, flowing ready-to-wear styles from ALTAR Houseline, Whimsy & Row, North of West, and Holy Voids
As well as jewelry from Portland made Iron Oxide, ADDER, and Rivet & Rise.
Special thanks to our model Becky Torres, photographer Hattie Watson, MUA LaToya Johnson, and stylist Andrea Beedle for helping us make this a reality!
Take a look at the entire full look book here