Sea of Doom Art Show

May 19, 2017

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This Sunday at Altar PDX we are so excited to premier an art show for the one and only, Sea of Doom! So, if you’re a big fan of obscure gothic inspired embroidery, handmade pins, vibrant paintings, and other forms of alternative art, come by the store, and The Hazel Room, for a fun-filled social evening!


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Sea of Doom, the pseudonym of Kristin Scholz, is a visual artist working predominantly in paint and fiber. Coming of age in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Kristin was interested in nature, mythological creatures, and her inner world. Her eventual artistic endeavors, collectively bold and graphic in nature, would be informed by the cathartic musical influence of punk and riot grrl, as well as the skate and street art subcultures of her youth. Kristin later attended MICA in Baltimore where she was awarded her BFA in Illustration in 2005.


One of my favorite things to see in art is the juxtaposition of seemingly opposing element that are collectively fused into one piece. Sea of Doom definitely explores this trope through color story, use of symmetry, and expressive figures . Her work commonly harkens to gothic and Medieval inspired themes; she definitely does not hesitate to use bright primary colors in her paintings and embroideries of common esoteric elements like Baphomet, ancient warrior women, mystical animals, and references to pop culture horror movies like Scream, Phantasm, and The Wicker Man.


Baphomet art, Witches' Sabbath, Hypnotic Art, Sea of Doom


There is a bit of a 1960’s hypnotic pop art fantasy in her motifs, almost as if Andy Warhol had opened his eyes to the beauty of the Witches’ Sabbath and began making art that instead glorified darker elements like beasts of the mystic wild, vampiric coffins, the display of athames, rubbermen masks, occult sigils and other horror aspects. Kristin’s own personal aesthetic of clean lines, slight hints of sacred geometry, psychedelia, and a lovable punk attitude are salient features of her work. Her art stands out among the crowd with it’s fun, cheeky, and whimsical subject matter that is coupled with subtle nefarious, wicked, and devilish elements.   


Sea of Doom embroidery, bats, pop art

Please come by our humble abode this Sunday, meet the artist, have a few drinks, and take some special one-of-a-kind artwork home with you!   

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