Ritual in a Jar!

The time has come, to talk about magic! One of my favorite things about working at Altar is seeing all the new magical items come in. Whether they’re tarot cards, oracle cards, spell kits, or crystals, I love learning about these items and how they can help our fellow believers. One of  our newest companies to introduce their product to our lovely shop is, Ritual in a Jar. 

Founded by dream child empath, Allison Norman, her magical witch jars are blessed with a mixture of divine earth magic, the Lwa diaspora, Catholic Saints, Paganism, plant medicine and Chakra work. These ritual jars are handmade in our own city, Portland, OR, in the comfort of Allison’s own home kitchen under Lunar influence.

These all-inclusive, do-it-yourself rituals are available in four types at our store: Wealth, Protection, Love and Banishing. Each of these jars contain their own unique ingredients, as means to set intention and purpose throughout anyone’s life. As magic and spell-casting is custom to each and every individual’s soul, the variety of rituals available are definitely useful! Simply trust your heart and let your wishes run free!


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The jar I will be exploring today is the Banishing Ritual Jar. This jar serves to cut and banish the energetic ties of those who seek to bind and limit you, to send our disabling worries and negative energies away from our ever-growing selves (i.e. Donald Trump and all his terrible lackeys). This jar includes chamomile, rose oil, sage, palo santo, white and black candles, epsom salts, Florida water, matches, vesta powder, a muslin bag, black thread, scissors, black salt and a ceremony guideline to help you get started. I won’t get too deep in the instructions for this spell, as it ruins the mystery of finding out what awaits for you in each jar! All I can say is if you’re into mystical powders, cuttings threads, carving into candles, and flashing flames to scare your enemies away, this is the ritual for you!

I personally am super excited about these jars, the guidelines to each of these spells are definitely deep and meaningful, each with their own actions and intentions to ease your prayers. As summer is here, I hope you stop by our store to set your own magic ablaze and let the universe work with you. Remember, magical items like these may not exactly be what all those movies and storybooks make it up to be, but I can tell you from my own soul and heart, that deep intention and the belief in something esoteric and mystical, can open your eyes and take you places you’ve always secretly wished to see and believe.