North of West

With a fresh re-brand from their former company name, North of West clothing unifies the two flagship lines, Make It Good and Nell & Mary, which were created by the same team and sold at their shop in NW Portland, North of West. The simpler model for the brands allows customers to finally understand the full bandwidth of the brick-and-mortar and manufacturing company.

With slightly less to explain (like: it’s two sisters who design, cut, sew, print BOTH the homegoods line called Nell & Mary and the apparel line called Make it Good) they can now focus on the real polemic: everything they make is made with utmost attention to how it SHOULD be done.


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Item pictured: Arches Crop Tee 


North of West garments are cut, sewn, and printed in the United States. The textiles are sourced domestically. The dyes and inks are natural and organic. From start-to-finish, this apparel is everything you want from your clothing. Especially style-wise. These garments reflect a versatile style range in a modern, simple way. The silhouettes have hints of minimalist style, but the prints add a pop of interest that definitely reads “fashion.”

The most recent order we’ve received at Altar are staple pieces that can be worn year round and styled in so many ways. For Fall/Winter, we are imagining styling the Arches dress with a sweater underneath it. So cute.


Item pictured: Arches A-Line Dress


Definitely check these out online or in-store! We will proudly be carrying this company season-to-season!