New While Odin Sleeps Jewelry!

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One of the things I love most about working in a unique boutique like Altar, is seeing all the new jewelry that comes in! Just like a kid in a candy store, my eyes peel open to their maximum circumference, my mouth waters as I feel each and every groove, licking my lips as I see every single crystal deliciously hanging from its chain, ripe for the plucking. I imagine, what each piece would look like shining in light, picturing myself sitting, perhaps outside during brunch time, drinking a bloody mary, as my jewelry sparkles and shines, catching eyes from those I wish to casually flaunt my effervescent being at. And then quickly turning away! Once, they look at you, look away! And don’t look back! That is the way.

Anyways, we have graciously received some new jewelry from While Odin Sleeps, and let me tell you, these pieces look as if traditional raw stone jewelry, somehow mated with the popular modern metro aesthetic. With geometric shapes connected to symbols like the moon, eyes and stars, these pieces are tastefully made and cut with great precision. Again, as large statement raw talisman jewelry is very in this Spring/Summer, these pieces definitely reflect this lovely trend.

Because I personally find myself obsessed and inspired by theatrics, with jewelry that is both chic yet avant garde at the same time, I really think all of these necklaces are great for any person who wishes to express themselves to fullest, and pop out among the crowd! So come by our shop and grant your heart’s jewelry desire!