Leviticus Jewelry

Our ever-expanding selection of jewelry has such a broad collection of aesthetics. From highly modern, minimal motifs to deco and geometric elements, to hand-carved, hand-cast botanical inlays with a minutia of details carefully added to their filagree, to bright, colorful woven and beaded elements, or perfect homage to crystal and mineral specimens artfully displayed in delicate pieces. The truth is: jewelry is a life-force in our store and we source it with a reverence and obsession that has been a defining stroke in our shop.


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We are continually finding new designers in our endless research who have something different about their companies-- something that sets them apart and makes it impossible to pass over their work. With this mind, as we introduce another new line to our store, we take special note of design innovation, quality, motif, and overall concept.


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Leviticus Jewelry is an inspired collection of pieces created by designer Tara Levitin. With a gorgeous command of casting techniques, this jewelry offers romanticism, whimsy, nostalgia, and even a little levity (for those who are “feelin’ stabby”). These pieces certainly have a darker, alternative aesthetic range, balanced with the use of faceted stones and a very polished finish, which gives them a heritage appeal.


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According to her bio, Levitin’s collection features “subtle historical details woven into [her] very modern work. Moved by pieces from the past, from one-of-a-kind vintage baubles she’s unearthed at estate sales to the storied black jet (mourning) jewelry popularized in the Victorian era, Levitin’s design direction reflects a sentimentality with a patina rich in history, yet current and on the cutting edge.”


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Created with metals such as black rhodium, silver and gold, since 2005 Leviticus Jewelry has graced the pages of publications such as Elle, Nylon, Allure, Daily Candy, More and Inked, and has been worn by the likes of Kat Von D, Ginnifer Goodwin, Juliet Huddy and Leigh Lezark.

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