Jared's Mother's Day Gift Guide

May 10, 2017

Portland Local Altar PDX Mother's Day Gift Guide Clay Masks, Earrings, Crystals, Soaps, Perfumes, Robes and Shawls


Mother’s Day is arriving and it’s time to pick some meaningful gifts for the women who have devoted their lives to birthing and raising you! Don’t be mistaken: what mothers want most on Mother’s Day is to spend time with their loved ones. So maybe stop by our neighbor, The Hazel Room, for a fun brunch then march over here, mimosas in hand, and browse our store to shower your mom with unique gifts that are expressed with sentiment and style! We have a lot of new products in our store and we can surely assist you in hand-picking the very best keepsakes for your very special mother <3.


As lightweight robes and shawls are perfect for the coming summer, we have an excellent selection of these garments. My personal favorites are Indie Ella’s kimonos and sarongs. Each of these soft pieces have a very unique pattern to them, are made from 100% recycled silk saris’, and their ultra-breathability make them perfect for any day at the park or beach. As each piece is unlike the other, the splashes of color on these flowing fabrics will definitely keep your loved one relaxed, comfortable and stylish.


If you’ve been a patron of our store for quite sometime, you would undeniably understand that Iron Oxide jewelry is also perfect for any mother out there. With a variety of very special crystals and stones to choose from, it’s great to mix match these necklaces and earrings together to create the perfect duo. I personally think the Peach Tri-Crystal Fired Druzy Necklace goes great with the Peach Quartz Single Crystal Earrings. They match, the color looks great on any skintone, and will definitely go along with the sunny heat.

Another excellent jewelry brand to purchase for your mother is Pigeon Heart. Their earrings are definitely distinctive, made of a variety of raw materials including naturally shed antlers, tusks, fangs, and crystals, and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes applicable to any woman out there. Some earrings perfect for your mom include the Sterling Turquoise Earrings and the Small Brass Hoops with Turquoise and Hexagons.

And if your mother isn’t into very dangly earrings, look no further! We also carry beautiful studded earrings made with a variety of druzies and quartz! Each of these pairs have been handpicked to complement its other, as each of these studs are sisters, not twins. I really think this sentiment is adorably cute, as it reflects the unique bonds between each family member and friend. My personal pick goes to their Freeform Gold Druzy Prong Earrings.


Age of Earth Collective Perfume Hidden, Shop Portland Local, Altar PDX Fluorite

Another excellent Mother’s Day gift includes fragrances. Although we have MANY at our store, I find the Age of Earth Collective Fragrances to be fitting as gifts for mothers. I especially think the scent Hidden in the Moon with notes of juniper, lotus blossom and ambergris is excellent for any mother due to its light floral and sweet scent, a very relaxing combination while at the same time, extremely pleasant to the nose.


The Equilateral Soaps Handmade Artisan Crystals Altar PDX Portland Local


Now I don’t know about your mother, but mine has a particular love for soaps, and not just any soaps, but HANDMADE ARTISAN soaps. My mom says that putting them in her guest bathroom makes her feel more official and expensive, but also exemplifies care and planning, when hosting friends and family in her home. “There’s nothing like using a fresh hard soap after doing your business to really cleanse and care for those hands,” she would say. So, if you’re anything like my mom, The Equilateral Soaps by Bar Soap Brooklyn, are perfect. Inspired by gold-dipped earrings, each of these soaps are made with very special ingredients specifically made for cleansing hands, such as activated charcoal, lavender, palmarosa, ginger, grapefruit, rose, and bergamot essential oils, Cambrian Blue clay from Siberian lakes, and French Pink clay. Other soaps great for gifts include our Rock Soaps that mimic the design and shape of real raw rocks such as citrine, turquoise, amethyst and quartz. Take a look at the piece of amethyst below and our amethyst rock soap! Don’t they look strikingly similar?! OH MY GAWD.  


Rock Soaps and Crystals at Altar PDX Portland Local Shop

And if you haven’t read me rave about them before, I absolutely adore the products by BEING. Currently we have available their Calma Terra Complexion Clay. Now this stuff is AMAZING, ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WITH DRY, ACNE PRONE SKIN. This product is made with a delicate balance, of nourishing French pink clay, ancient Moroccan Rhassoul clay, antioxidant rich rosehip essential oils and calming clary sage essential oils. Perfect for soothing stressed and tired skin, I really recommend this as a gift for anyone who cares about their skin.          


Lastly, we have decor. Although we carry all sorts of products to spruce up any living space, my personal picks for a mother include crystals and plants. As crystals are undoubtedly meant for sentimental intention and care, I find Amethyst to be great. It’s magical significance protects against paranormal harm or ill-wishing, while attracting good luck. Interestingly enough, due to its anti-negative properties, apparently placing them nears plants that do not grow, or areas in which pets will not sit, is a good idea when using these crystals. My grandmother has definitely utilized this belief, as her entire house in Taiwan is placed with many amethyst cathedrals near doorways, windows and plants.

And finally, we have plants. Plants have always been a great gift for mothers. Available at Altar are our baby Leopard Lily Plants. Easy to take care of and fast growers, they also help purify the air so be sure to buy one of these to keep your mom healthy!

I hope this Mother’s Day Gift Guide has helped you decide on what to buy for your mother and we hope to see you in our shop soon! <3  

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