Gifts Under $30

The holidays are fast approaching, which means the joy and possible stress of giving gifts are upon us. A thoughtful give does not have to be an expensive one, rather one given with intention. We have curated a list of perfectly budget-conscious and handmade gifts for your friends, family, coworkers or that secret santa...who's name you drew and you have NO idea what to get them! (We've been there).

Queen of Cups Candles - The Tarot Series ($30): Enhance your tarot experience with one of these luxury scented soy candles. Choose your house or your favorite scent from the following: Nag Champa + Rose (Wands), Lavender + Sage (Cups), Pine + Oak Moss (Pentacles) or Citrus + Jasmine (Swords).

You are a Great and Powerful Wizard Zine ($11): A guide to everyday magic, from the small details to the bigger picture - you are a great and powerful wizard. This is an excellent gift for anyone whom you admire, and is chalked full with little reminders of self-appreciation.

Small U Pouch ($25): A perfectly small pouch to carry your daily essentials or to use as a wallet.

Renew Intent Candle ($25) - Give a thoughtful candle this year! This candle has a gorgeous scent of Rose, Rosewood and Frankincense which will delicately make your space smell wonderful. 


Various Enamel Pins ($11-15): From Christina Mrozik and Tenderheart Studios, we have a selection of artfully crafted and beautiful enamel pins. These pins make a perfect stocking stuffer!

Foxtail Earrings (from $32): Handmade earrings at a price everyone can love! This is a great gift to give as a stocking stuffer or for your stylish friend who loves understated adornments. 

Dori Midnight x Modern Women Moon Potions ($24): Very special potions representing three phases of the moon. The scents of each are unique and oh-so magical. This is a great gift for anyone setting intention and invocation.

Smokey Quartz Points (from $8) - Smokey Quartz crystals draw the spiritual into the physical realm. It offers protection from negative energy and shields against emotional stress.

All Seeing Eye Bowl ($18) - For the hand formed ceramics lover. This bowl can be used for rings or in the kitchen for table salt.

Shop our Gifts Under $30 section for more ideas! We have many more items in-store, so stop by and let us guide you in your gift giving experience.

The last day to ship orders to be received by Christmas is Dec. 18th!