Bar Soap Brooklyn

If you read my Mother’s Day gift guide, you might have noticed me talking about some certain soaps. These certain soaps, are unlike any soaps. They are handmade soaps. And when I say handmade, I mean individually made by a single designer. From the product itself, made in the comfort of her own kitchen, to the packaging - also designed by her, Bar Soap Brooklyn, is a one woman show created by the wonderful KaKyung Cho.


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KaKyung emphasizes three main things while making her products: simplicity, comfort and intimacy. Her simplicity lies in the quality of her ingredients. She only uses natural ingredients free of artificial dyes and additives. The comfort aspect lies in her familiarity of care and hand blended crafting, to express an air of trust and home. Lastly, intimacy is portrayed, maker to consumer, as each of her soaps are made with different ingredients, all with a different purpose, effect and mindfulness.

As her gold-dipped earring inspired soaps are made for the hands, body and face, they are each made with unique substances. As all of the triangular soaps are made with a golden top, consisting of gold metallica mica, the Blue Gold Soaps are made of Cambrian blue clay, which helps minimize wrinkles, reduce eczema, nourish the skin and reduce acne and blemishes. Scented with ginger and grapefruit essential oils, it allows for a mood enhancing experience.


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Her Pink Gold Soaps are made with Morrocan red clay, perfect for toning the skin, re-balancing the skin, removing blackheads, and exfoliating, while Bentonite clay works to detox and assist with skin allergy issues. These soaps are also scented with Rose and Bergamot essential oils.

The White Gold Soaps are made with Titanium Dioxide, to work as a lubricating and brightening sunscreen, and are also made with Lavender and Palmarosa essential oils.

Lastly, the Black Gold Soaps are made with activated charcoal to deeply cleanse pores, and scented with Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils.

So, if you’re a big fan of high quality soaps, made with care and love, make sure you pick some of these up. They’re perfect for guest bathrooms, but also make excellent gifts for any occasion, as everyone should use them.