Artist Spotlight: Ada Hsieh

When we set out to cultivate a space on this platform, one of the most important aspects to us was working with amazing artists who have intentional craftsmanship and a beautiful perspective. 

Meet Ada Hsieh the founder of Ada Beauty a clean and intentional lipstick brand that promotes a healthy mindset with each lipstick name being an affirmation! Ada is a self taught special effects makeup artist, getting lost in the joys of creation she realized that makeup could be more than a fun hobby. This high vibrational lipstick brand was born from Ada's love of special effects makeup, clean beauty products and her passion for uplifting ones self to true authenticity. 

Recently, we had the pleasure of getting to know Ada just a little bit more through a short series of fun questions. 

What is your go to feel good song at the moment?
Forget - Karnaval Blues
What piece of art do you consider timeless?
Gustav Klimt's - The Kiss 
What other artists inspire you?
Makeup artists - the good ones are amazing artists. Google these makeup artists - Mimi Choi, Vanessa Davis, Dain Yoon
What has been the most memorable customer moment for you in your brand story so far?
Super nice notes from strangers left on their orders saying how much they love our lipsticks and they can't wait to see what we create next. <3
What are the next big dreams or goals for your brand?
Conquering the beauty industry and becoming a well known national beauty brand.