2024 Celestial Journal / in Brown • {Vegan Leather}

✨  Did You Know: Our journals are mindfully priced throughout the year? Meaning, the price reflects the useable months remaining in 2024. We're on it, like mercury. ✨ 

Our coveted, best selling year journal is back to journey another lap around our Luminous Sun with you for 2024. A spiritual tool and companion to assist you with living in sync with the movement and energies of the celestial skies, seasons and the mindful Universe within. Let your year be guided by the stars, as you wander on the Earth in 2024.

May this next lap around the Sun invite you to explore a little more, connect a little deeper, focus with greater tenacity, dream boundlessly and expand into the greatest version of YOU the world if yet to see.

With daily note/journal space, weekly double page spreads, month overviews. Huge dedicated astrology guidance index section, daily  key astrology events. Both weekly and monthly reflection and projection space. New moon, full moon, solstice and equinox ritual spaces... and so much more.

"Make everyday an opportunity to look inwards, reflect, dream and expand your soul. This is the year for moving closer towards the *Self* you’re destined to become. May each day bring a blessing of love, light and beautiful creation. You are magic, and worthy of an incredible life." - Britta

(IMPORTANT • Community, today we embrace our vulnerability in sharing that our 2024 Journal will be full of light… We unwrapped to discover our DRAFT edit was printed. These were made with so much golden love and endless hours of meticulous creation, we cannot tell you! You'll find typo's and grammar hiccups peppered throughout the journal, if this will bother you (hello virgo placements), we humbly respect that, and hope to see you next year for 2025 with a clean slate!

Honouring our dedication to craft sustainable creations, we have made the decision to offer these journals to You nonetheless, and invite all of us to embrace the journey of human-ness in its search of perfection… maybe this was the actual reminder the Universe needed to share with us all. Embracing the humanness of our crafts! Thank you for embracing us, we're embracing you back with a mindful discounted price.)

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