Altar Houseline

The Friday Dress


This classic babydoll dress is meant to be worn all year, all season. For Summer, it will serve as a loose, swingy dress that keeps you cool, and for Fall/Winter, it will look so cute with a sweater underneath/over it, boots, etc. 

This adorable floral fabric is a super soft, cotton woven deadstock with a plaid that I am positively in love with! It has external square pockets and a cute, short above-the-knee hem. The final version will have black binding around the neck and arm holes. 

Model Notes:  Beth is 5'9 and wearing a 5XL; Caitlyn is 5'8 and wearing a Large, Cassie is 5'9 and wearing a Large.

Made in-house in Portland, OR. If we make your dress to order, please allow 7-10 business days so we can cut, sew, and get your dress to you HOT off the presses! 

Please note that Altar Houseline items can take up to 14 business days to ship, because we're making them especially for you!

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