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Chili Lip Tinglin' Gloss


You Love Him Too

Chili infused lip gloss! Not for the faint of heart, but the extreme risk taker. Literally only get this if you love hot peppers, like hot sauce champion. Elevate plumped lips to almost vampire status with hot kisses. Fall in love with this avant garde creation.

Directions + Suggestions: Feel free to remove the Thai chili from the top (use caution!) -compost, keep in the balm. Wash fingers if you touch! Apply a small amount of balm to freshly cleansed lips. Applies clear. The lip gloss once applied is not extremely hot, but the sensation will creep on in full in about 10 minutes!! Lasting for about 20-30 minutes, gently going away. It feel almost massage like and should not irritate - if it does wash off immediately. Wash fingers if applied on skin if sensation is not desired.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil*, ginger*, cayenne pepper*, beeswax* (thank you bees), a whole Thai chili that I grew naturally in my garden (do not eat, if touched wash fingers or lip wand if you don't want extra heat) + love. *purveyed certified organic ingredients.

Includes: 1/4oz (7ml) glass jar with a metal lid.


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