What does 'OOAK' and 'zero-waste' mean?

It's ok if you're unfamiliar with the phrase "OOAK." It is an industry short-hand acronym for "one-of-a-kind" and it distinguishes that an item is not mass-produced. Our OOAK swimsuits, for example, are implicitly one-of-a-kind because we make each one using remnant stock swim lycra. No two are ever the same and the result is fabulous, color-blocked magnificence. 
The phrase "zero-waste" means that when we cut our fabrics, we maximize our yield to use as much or all of the fabric available. This is a particularly interesting process when it comes to swimwear because the pattern pieces are so small which means that we can use odds-and-ends of our fabric with more ease and find a use for as much of the bolts as possible. 
We have been loving the response to these special garments, and we hope you're all feeling fabulous in your unique pieces. You can shop our swimwear year round, available in sizes small-6xl. If you have any questions about fit and size, please refer to the flat-lay charts in each listing (and be sure to account for stretch-to-fit guidelines that accompany all swimwear). 
We hope these bring you as much joy as they bring us this Summer!