Wasted Effort: Pyramid Treasure Candles

Aug 30, 2017

There’s something about candles that I find particularly sexy. Maybe it’s the way candlelight flickers in the dark, making skin glow and shadows dance; or maybe it’s the way the wax drips down its surface, slowly but surely, eventually hardening to its cooled state. Or maybe it’s the fact that I love having hot candle wax dripped all over my naked body. But outside of my candlewax fetish and fascination: I really believe candles make excellent gifts, regardless the occasion.

We have different kinds of candles in the shop, but our newest include Wasted Effort’s Pyramid Treasure Candles. If you have an obsession with luxury, unicorns, gold, and crystals, these candles were created just for you.


Portland Local Shopping Altar PDX Handmade Candles Independent Alternative Gold Unicorn Tie Dye Pyramid Treasure Candles Wasted Effort Crystals Inside


Wasted Effort is a Vancouver, BC independent handmade “jewelry and stuff” company by Marie Foxall. A line of products inspired by simple straight-forward design that includes themes of clean lines, minimalism, geometric shapes, and futurism.

The Pyramid Treasure Candles are hand-poured pyramid shaped candles, decorated with gold leafing on the bottom, available in a variety of four tie-dye colors and three sizes. The best part? They each contain a hidden crystal inside!


Portland Local Shopping Altar PDX Pyramid Treasure Candles Wasted Effort Gold Leafing Tie Dyed Candles Unicorn Dye Handmade Alternative Boutique Independent Local Company


These candles make excellent presents for weddings, birthdays, dinner parties, and many other occasions where high end handmade luxury candles are befitting.

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