Vault: Altar Houseline and Iron Oxide - Our Houselines Lookbook

Oct 11, 2017

Our team has created a new lookbook for your viewing pleasure!

With a focus on our two flagship house lines: Iron Oxide Jewelry and Altar Houseline apparel, we present an emphasis on modernity, naturalism, and minimalist styling sensibility. This FW lookbook, titled, “VAULT,” captures a specific mood and range that reflects both lines and distills some style points that we have been finding a lot of direction in.

Altar Houseline has been focusing on more solids to define new collections-- specifically textiles that emphasize the hand of the fabric. Extremely silky and soft textiles like cupro and modal, paired with others that have luscious texture, drape, and weight such as mirella crepe, rayon challis, and modal rib knit. Many of the fabrics from this most recent collection are domestically milled in America, and have been sourced with an attention to stretch and recovery, drape in silhouette, and color story. The designs are meant to be relatable, affordable, chic, and versatile. We envision they can be styled “down” for a ready-to-wear look, or styled “up” for an elegance that looks modern and refined.

The newest pieces from Iron Oxide employ a mix of crystals and mineral specimens such as beautifully reflective, heliotropic opals, moonstones, and labradorite. The glints of iridescent are delicately balanced by the classic Iron Oxide use of chains and metalsmithed elements that specifically imbue the stones with a dreamy and modern architecture. There are a mix of larger, more “statement” style pieces from this collection, such as the Moonstone Fringe Necklace which is surely an outfit unifier, as well some simpler, very relatable pieces that can boost an everyday look, such as the Dotted Opal Choker (pictured below).

Our overall vision for this lookbook, which was shot by Katie Summer and modeled by Rebby Foster, was to capture the dark, moody elements of our collections and bridge them with the modernism, minimalism, and naturalism that has inspired our most recent medias. Both lines typically lean towards a more “alternative” aesthetic, but this lookbook marks a shift towards a moment of modernity that we are super excited about. We envision these pieces walking through an art gallery or attending a dinner party; anywhere that the wearer can reflect a sense of casual cool and good taste.

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