The Lioness Oracle Tarot

As we all love tarot decks, allow me to introduce another deck with its own unique design and creativity. The Lioness Oracle Tarot is definitely a deck with it’s own sort of images that are colorful, detailed, and memorable. Better yet it’s available in our online store, so be sure to check this out!  


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This deck is collaged by hand using discovered paper images for a colorfully vivid look that stimulates one’s connection to the cosmos and creation itself, while stretching the mind’s own imagination and interpretation. It contains the traditional seventy eight cards of Tarot, with twenty two major arcana, and fifty six minor arcana of wands, cups, swords and pentacles. In addition, the cards themselves are strikingly beautiful, with a glossy finish, antique gold edging, and come in an equally decorative lidded box.


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When it comes to new decks, it can be confusing, especially for first time new users, so a ninety four page guidebook is included! Not only does this guidebook give information to each card, but also has instructions on cleansing the deck, centering, shielding, grounding, information on reversed cards, as well as Numerology! This is really cool as it allows these cards to be used in a multiplicity of ways.


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I personally really like this deck due to its images. The found paper images used to create the card pictures are striking due to their juxtapositional, almost strange elements. Take the Empress card for example. This card embodies the notion of continuous fertility amongst nature’s gifts. As her fruit is boundless and infinite, she radiates love and nurture, offering a well to endlessly drink from. The images on this card depict a female statue holding an orange as she is surrounded by petals and bloomed flowers. This obviously represents nature’s blossoms. A bubble floats in the center of this card to perhaps imbue a feeling of ready fertilization, a circular space to hold and grow new life, surrounded and nourished with everlasting water.


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The cards in this deck are full of images like The Empress, portraying our blessed world’s animals, plants, and ancient traditions and structures. It is a deck full of interpretive meaning to stimulate the mind’s eye and intuition for those seeking to find new perspectives and answers.