Stonedware Company!

One of my favorite things to do after a long day, is to wind down and smoke some weed. It helps me relax, eases the tension in my muscles, and elevates my overall mood. And if you love to #420blazeit like me, you should definitely check out our restock of beautiful handmade porcelain pipes, by Stonedware Company. In the words of the founding artist, Ariel Zimman, herself, “Stonedware Company creates design-centric smoking wares for the aesthetically inclined.”


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Being a local artist and businesswoman, Ariel’s processes are conducted in her studio space in SE Portland, OR. With twenty years of experience as a ceramic artist and sculptor, each of her pieces are made with focused conception, production, and distribution, ensuring a distinct and thoughtful aesthetic. Watch the video of how she creates these beautiful pipes in her studio here.  


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So whether they’re simply for display as a coffee table piece, or for regular recreational and medicinal use, items like the one- hitter Chillums, and Geopipes, make beautiful tools during a gathering of friends. Furthermore, these porcelain pipes are 22K gold-plated, built with ergonomics in mind, making the shape and fit of these pipes perfect in your hand. They are finished using food safe glaze and no fillers; excellent for sessions needed to uplift the mood and mindset.



As a personal owner of one these unique pipes, with countless friends who have bought these as gifts, I really recommend them. They stand out among the crowd, are made with high quality materials to ensure a sturdy finish, smoke efficiently and excellently, are perfect conversation starters, and are without a doubt, beautiful pieces of art. And what’s even better about this company, are their ethics. Ariel has made countless pipes, in support of politician Bernie Sanders. And with the help of a wonderful community, they reached the maximum legal donation for any donor to the Sanders campaign. Additionally, all donations past the legal limit have been sent to charities in support of girls and women in STEM and the Arts.

So is there any other reason you need to own one of these pieces? Come stop by the shop, browse these pipes, take one home, smoke some weed, and feel good.