Star Strung Jewelry

Star Strung Jewelry is a line of ornate jewelry pieces based in Tacoma, Washington, crafted by the one and only, Danielle Flynn. Inspired by myth and magic, Danielle’s line hopes to express the story of our stars, the songs of our forests, and the poems of the seas. Each piece aims to invoke the mysteries of our world, as well as her own vivid imagination.


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Happy to be carrying a small variety of her goods, we presently have an exclusive collection of her beautiful adornments. Among these include her Sterling Silver Briar Rose Rustic Rings, Australian Opal Rings, Sterling Silver Stone Coffin Rings and Necklaces, and Sterling Silver Star Ruby Rings.


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If you were to ask me what my favorite piece of hers right now is, I would have to say the Sterling Silver Star Ruby Ring. It’s a double pointed elongated ring, with detailed silver etchings and designs on the edges, two beautifully carved roses on the top and bottom, and a gorgeous Star Ruby stone placed perfectly in the center, surrounded by silver prongs. I had never actually seen a Star Ruby stone before, but all I can say is: it’s absolutely alluring! Similar to labradorite, the stone has a magical iridescent quality to it but with colors of pinkish red, purple red, burgundy, and hints of blue. Known as a Cancer and Sagittarius stone, it has emotionally healing properties that include self-love, and overcoming suppressed anger.  

Other than the Sterling Silver Star Ruby Ring, I also really love the Sterling Silver Briar Rose Rustic Ring. This ring is inspired by the French fairy tale, Little Briar Rose, made of complete sterling silver, and oxidized for a ‘blackened’ look. It’s a ring that looks truly romantic, hand polished for a rustic finish. I personally love wearing this ring on my pinky finger for an effortlessly dainty embellishment.

Danielle’s Sterling Silver Coffin Rings are just as beautiful! Carrying both her Opal and Black Onyx versions, these rings feature a coffin shaped stone surrounded in a bed of sterling silver prongs and designs. We even have a necklace to match!


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The Australian Opal Rings are perfect for that music festival look, inspired by beautiful Aztec pyramids and South American art, this shield ring displays an Australian Opal with lovely red and blue flashes of color, pressed with an authentic one of a kind metal stamp from a Native American traditionally trained metal worker.


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This special collection of jewelry is beautifully embellished, and handmade with the utmost quality. Star Strung Jewelry oaths to express a little story with each piece they produce, and offers gifts of hand forged, noteworthy pieces.   


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