The Nomad Tarot is back!

An exciting campaign has been launched for a great artist to fund a reprint of her most popular Tarot cards: The Nomad Tarot. 
A little background on the deck and the artist: the Nomad Tarot was first illustrated and created in 2014 by Jennifer Dranttel and was instantly loved by Tarot fans all over the world. She is an outstanding and wonderful artist who prides herself on working with the intersection of women's history and traditions of healing. With works being featured in the White House and many fashion weeks, she is a force to be reckoned with. So we want to make sure that her craft gets the support it needs in her Kickstarter campaign for the Nomad Tarot deck. 

This Kickstarter will allow for a higher quality printing of the cards, the guidebook to be updated with full-color photos from professional Tarot reader Sara Galactica, and the printing process will be more streamlined and seamless. 
So any pledge to this campaign is appreciated. This deck is so beautiful and we definitely want to see it revived so we can carry it in the shop again!  
 To know more about this Kickstarter and to make a pledge, click here.