New Taxil Hoax Jewelry!

It is without a doubt that many of the jewelry pieces we carry in our store derive from esoteric themes, inspired by occult history. Taxil Hoax Jewelry, is one of these brands that absolutely expresses these magical practices of palmistry, divination, ancient rune symbology, and norse mythology. These pieces are made from artifacts from the past, found objects, or materials from nature as a means to maintain the company’s ethics of reusing, recycling and cruelty free sourcing.


Portland Local Altar PDX Taxil Hoax Jewelry Ethical Jewelry and Fashion Raw Stones and Material Organic Esoteric Occult Talismans Norse Mythology Rune Symbology


And lucky for us, we have some new beautiful pieces for sale in the store! At first look, these pieces definitely supply that feeling of a darker ancient symbology. My personal favorites are the twig branch necklaces. As the twigs have been handpicked from the meadow, set in blackened copper and placed with intricate meaning, the Algiz Folk Necklace is definitely a personal favorite of mine due to its symbology. This particular rune depicts the Norse God Heimdall, representing divine notions of defense and protection, a historical symbol commonly carved into the shields and swords of warriors sworn to protect their kingdoms and sanctuaries from harm. Other pieces such as the Witching Hour Necklaces or Child of the Forest Necklaces, are just as special, set with a rainbow moonstone, deep blue labradorite or clear herkimer diamonds.  

As one of the most popular brands in our store, our Taxil Hoax Jewelry pieces sell FAST. And I mean so fast, that as soon as we set a few pieces on display, they sell the same exact day. These are some very special keepsakes that are only supplied to our store every blue moon, so you definitely do not want to miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

That being said, if you’re a fan of the dark archaic, definitely keep your eyes peeled for these necklaces. Although they aren’t exclusively large statement pieces, they provide a unique humbling deep meaning, perfect for any fan of the occult searching for accessories to set their own personal intentions with.