Natalie Joy Jewelry

Another line of adornments just freshly restocked at Altar is the beautifully polished Natalie Joy Jewelry. If your style is minimalist, modern, and a touch of metro: you will adore these simple, effortless pieces. Created by Portland local designer, Natalie Joy, each piece is birthed with thought and care using traditional and unique, metal working techniques. Blessed with tiny details, cute geometry, and eclectic dainty designs, give this company a look and feel to complete your tasteful wardrobe

Developed in 2010 inside a walk-in closet, Natalie Joy created her business after studying and creating small-scale sculptures at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. After spending five years managing large scale jewelry production to hundreds of boutiques across the country, her own jewelry line came naturally.


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“For as long as I can remember I have been a tangible person with a strong desire to create objects with my hands.  That urge has never left me; it just evolved through different mediums and outlets.  Eventually I found a way to satisfy my desire to make sculpture in a purely wearable format.” - Natalie


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I’m a big fan of wearable art because it can perfectly express your own personality and style, especially when it’s individually handmade and resonates with you. Natalie Joy’s jewelry is unique in it’s concept: modern and simplistic, but still pays homage to older timeless symbology such as the moon, spear, and stars.

Examples include her Dainty Moon Necklace, Half Star Floating Ring, Double Spear Floating Ring, Herkimer Diamond Posts Earrings and Crescent Moon Posts Earrings in black and gold. All of these pieces are great for pairing with any of our Altar Houseline garments like our new Silver Cupro Tunic Dress. The light tones compliment each other perfectly for an editorial polished feel that looks fresh and clean.


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This jewelry fits the popular Portland style with seamless lines, monochromatic points, and almost futuristic shapes, that emulate notions of sexy progressive technology and architecture. So if you’re a person on the go, with things to do, people to see, and relationships to affirm, these pieces won’t get in the way of your hussle. Instead, they’ll feel lightweight, give the perfect amount of detail, and seal the deal when it comes to convenient style and wearable art.