Hot Mamas

Being a business owner and a mother is not easy. For all of you women out there who have to work like you don’t have a kid, and be a mother like you don’t have a job: we hear you. Big time. We honor the strength, the unwavering love, the perseverance, and the selfless nature of motherhood. Sometimes the weight of the entire world is on your shoulders, and the “need-fatigue” is a real part of that experience. 

We honor the fuck out of you and just want you to know. 

Seen here is one of our founders, Cassie, and her kid Dez alongside Katie (who owns the Hazel Room in our same building) and her kid Elliot! These two moms started their businesses almost ten years ago and words sort of fall short to express how much business owning has taken on new meaning since these two little boys came along! 

We thought we’d share a little story about what motherhood has really been like at our small business. Sometimes (often) it has meant our team has to band together with baby on board because child care is astronomically expensive and it takes a damned village. When Dez was born, Cassie brought him to the shop every single day she was here. Work started to look different for our team. It looked like bouncing a baby on your knee while going over bookkeeping, quiet time in the office when naps were happening, sales staff talking to customers with a baby on their hip, and more Baby Shark than anyone should have to listen to. But it was worth it!

Standing by Cassie during this time was a badge of honor for our team because we believe in a world that supports women during this important time of their life even though our country does not. For all you moms out there — making it work — you are a badass and we love you! 


But mothering doesn't just mean having kids, and we know a number of you don't have them. We also want to celebrate all kinds of nurturing on Mothers Day. Whether you are a 'mom' to your plants, your pets, your friends, your business  -  we see you today too! Even the tiniest things you do to be a helper in this harsh world are meaningful. Being the cool wine aunt is an important role too. We're all in this together! Here is our other founder and plant mom Amy, with some of her favorite plant babies (you're allowed to pick favorites when they aren't people) 

Ok, so Mother's Day is this weekend! If you want to get your mom or your chosen mom a present come see us! Here our are some of our favorite new items from the gift guide!

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If all else fails, take her to brunch at the Hazel Room and buy that mom a mimosa, they deserve it.