Jumpsuit Nine Ways

Jumpsuits as an item of clothing date back to its inception in 1919 by Italian futurist artist and designer, Thayaht. These early jumpsuits were made quite literally for skydivers and parachuters but quickly evolved throughout the 20th century into the iconic fashion staple that we know today. In the 1930s, world-renowned fashion designer Elisa Schiaparelli created the first couture jumpsuit that would eventually be integrated into a fashion staple during World War Ⅱ as more women entered the workplace, specifically in factories.

Today, jumpsuits are still very much ingrained in our fashion culture and have become even more of a staple trend in our day-to-day fashion choices. Jumpsuits are as effortless and comfortable as a dress, with the added bonus of leg mobility. Despite sometimes being tricky to use the bathroom in, jumpsuits are the one piece of clothing that I feel the most at home in. Being a genderqueer individual, finding clothing that not only fits my body in a way I feel comfortable with but also outwardly expresses my personal style and individuality well is always a battle. Discovering jumpsuits and learning how to style them properly has changed my relationship to clothing in such a positive way and I wish that I would have given them a chance sooner.

Despite their resurging popularity, jumpsuits still remain a divisive garment because they can be understandably intimidating. We're breaking it down for you here; all of my favorite ways to style my jumpsuit at home. Hopefully, this post will give those of you who are already jumpsuit enthusiasts some new styling ideas, and inspire those of you who have been wanting to try out this trend for yourself but are still too nervous to make that jump (pun intended). 

I styled this jumpsuit from our Houseline with some thrifted pieces I personally own as well as some choice pieces I pulled from our shop to give you an idea of how this can be styled in a variety of different ways. My absolute favorite way to style my jumpsuit is to wear an oversized band tee over it and tie it in a knot under the bustline to create a flattering shape. This is a great way to wear it on its own, or you can pair it with a cute sweater or robe for a little extra coverage on chilly days (paired here with a gorgeous Ultra blue robe by Indie Ella and this duster by Whimsy and Row). I also love to wear something cropped and flowy like the Ivory Gauze Crop Top by Holy Voids or the Gunmetal Velvet Flounce Top by our houseline with a sturdy belt underneath. 

I hope this post gave you some new inspiration on how to wear your favorite jumpsuit in a new way or to finally jump (finger guns) on this trend yourself. You can also shop the variety of different jumpsuits we have online here, or you can visit us in store for a personal style consultation that will have you jumping with joy! Okay, I'll stop now.