Jared's New Year's Style Guide

The year 2017 is closer than ever! Are you ready for it?! Have you decided on all your New Year’s resolutions?! Do you ever keep your New Year’s resolutions?!

To help you prepare for all the fun events this coming weekend, I have put together a little New Year’s style guide reflecting some of my favorite alternative trends.

All of these pieces go great together - if you wanna be the cool, chic, stylish one on New Year's - keep these trends and options in the back of your mind.

Sheer Gothic Romance

Goth was all over the runway in New York Fall/Winter 2016-2017, but this time there was a heavy romantic touch. Designers added touches of dark sheer fabrics like silk and chiffon, while adding details of intimacy through the simultaneous use of lace and and tulle. And here at Altar, sheer is a staple when it comes to apparel.

Portland Local Fashion Altar PDX Houseline Black Megumi Sparkle Dress Iron Oxide

I absolutely love the way the Altar Houseline Black Megumi Sparkle Dress looks. Not only is it sheer, but it has the perfect amount of sparkle! Could you imagine?! Being at a New Year’s evening party, sipping on something that may or may not be alcoholic; and somehow, somewhere, a light hits you and your dress just flickers through the atmosphere of the party you’re at. An instant short lived in-the-moment show of stars and lights bouncing off you like you’re Astraea herself, the Greek goddess of stars. LEGENDARY. So be sure to check out this ready-to-wear dress!

Portland Locacl Fashion Altar PDX Aniela Parys Designs Lingerie

And if that’s not enough dark romance for you, then explore Aniela Parys Designs. This brand’s lingerie is soft, lacey and light it goes great with any New Year’s event, particularly if you know you’re gonna get lucky ;P.


The Bold Choker

According to the most recent Google shopping searches, the 90’s are back into the folds of fashion. The choker, a 90’s style staple that made its comeback Spring/Summer 2016, is now back again this Fall/Winter 2016-2017. Seen in the romantic emulations of Oscar de la Renta, to even the gothic expressions of Puma x Rihanna, this stand out accessory, both runway and street style, is available at Altar!

MKO Choker Bondage Collar Portland Local Fashion Altar PDX

My personal pick is MKO Black Leather Bondage Choker. As we step into 2017, why not make a bold statement with this thick choker. Start your new year strong with this versatile accessory to upgrade your personal style.

Bohemian Metal Details

We all know metal pieces cohesively incorporated into an outfit adds some edge, in a fun and easy way. But my favorite way to create this edgy look is actually through jewelry, rather than solely through grommets and metal eyelets in clothing pieces themselves. As runways displayed endless portrayals of punk, talisman and raw stone jewelry like Valentino, Alexander Wang, and even Calvin Klein, our store, as you may know, has an ENDLESS selection of accessories that reflect this style. What makes ours better, is that they’re independent local designs. :) Some personal picks include Iron Oxide, Theeth (like the skull and labradorite bookends ring pictured here!), Birds N Bones, and The Bea Line. 

Portland Local Fashion Altar PDX Theeth Labradorite Skull Ring Jewelry

The image above is Pair these pieces of jewelry with the Megumi Dress I mentioned earlier, and you will have an excellent dark rockin’ outfit that exacts a great combination of metal detail and raw talisman stones.


Portland Local Zodiac Birthday Calendar Aniela Parys Lingerie Theeth Jewelry Dark Bohemian Gothic Style

New Year’s Stationary and Decor

To reflect the coming of 2017, I’ve also decided to include some fun products to guide your resolutions. Don’t be like me and come up with a bunch of ways to improve your life by starting this new year, but never commit to any of them. Be better than me :)

Portland Local Altar PDX Pyrite Galena Sphalerite Cluster Talisman Intention Totem Stone

One idea I really like for starting your 2017 is having a special trinket or talisman to set your life-improving intentions. I always carry a totem or crystal of some kind to aid in my ritual thoughts. My personal pick is a Pyrite Galena Sphalerite Cluster. The texture and color of this rock really matches the clothing and jewelry I’ve chose for this style guide. Altar has so many rocks for you to choose from with a variety of qualities, so be sure to stop by and choose your very own special totem.

Portland Local Margin's 2017 Lunar Calendar New Year

In addition, get yourself Margin’s 2017 Lunar Calendar to keep track of this new year’s moon phases. It provides the phases of the moon for every day of the year, waxing from new to full, and waning from full to new. Absolutely beautiful, it’s great for getting in touch with our natural selves.        

Portland Local Altar PDX Bison Zodiac Birthday Calendar

Now if you are anything like me, you probably have a hard time memorizing the birthdays of all your loved ones. And what better way to keep track of them and their corresponding zodiac horoscopes with the Bison Zodiac Birthday Calendar. Each page features a sign of the zodiac, its magical constellation, and a list of the dates with that sign. I definitely know one of my new year’s resolutions is to remember everyone’s birthday to prove I care about them <3.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this style and product guide I’ve condensed for you. It lists some of my favorite products and local designers, and I wish it to be helpful during your New Year’s shopping. Have a great New Year, stay safe and blessings to all!

(All Images by Altar PDX)