Jared's Christmas Gift Guide

Portland Local Christmas Gift Guide Altar PDX: Tarot Cards, Chokers, Palo Santo, Pipes, Beard Oil, Crystals, Ornaments, Lipstick, Nail Polish, Earrings

Can you believe Christmas is already coming up?! One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is pick the perfect gifts for my dearest loved ones. When picking gifts, not only do I think of the person I am shopping for, but also the luxurious scenarios I could possibly set them in. Altar is stocked with excellent treasures; let me personally assist you in your search for the best presents the next time you choose to shop with us. 

Winter Comfort Necessities

One thought that immediately comes to mind when thinking of Christmas is how frigid it will be! As we all know it’s cuffing season, and we want to be warm and snuggly. Due to this weather happenstance, get a pair of mittens or some form of outerwear to replace the bodily heat that your special someone can use to stay toasty. My personal pick is Morph Knitwear’s Shapeshifter Shawl, made of 100% wool. Wear one of these thick babes and it’ll feel like Satan’s luscious warm locks of hair, perfectly wrapped around your neck. 

Portland Local Fashion Morph Knitwear Shapeshifter Shawl Scarf Winter

Related to this need for warmth during our wonderful frozen month of darkness, are baths! Imagine, all the baths your loved ones can take for as long as they want. Days and nights will go by, the air will sting with frozen water, and finally, we can take multiple hour long hot baths. So pamper yourself with BEING's Release Milk Bath, chock full of coconut milk, cocoa butter, rose petals and West Indian sandalwood essential oil, it is truly a moisturizing milk for these dry, cold temperatures.  

Portland Local BEING Release Milk Bath

And do you know what your special someone can do while soaking in their nourishing Goddess milk? Use their new Stonedware 22K Gold GeoPipe and paint their nails using Palate Polish in Gold Gumdrop. Imagine, laying at home in your bath, smoking your one-of-a-kind 22k gold plated ceramic pipe, and painting your nails with a sparkling gold tone to match. To make things even better, read your tarot with Pagan Otherworld's Deck to help predict your coming Christmas season. The images are tasteful and impressively detailed to assist you identify potential coming events. To top it off, grab a bundle of our Palo Santo to spice the air with woody fragrances. The combination of these activities are an exquisite spiritual event, set and ready for your gift receiver.

Portland Local Palate Polish, Palo Santo, Incense, Pagan Otherworlds Tarot Cards, Stonedware Ceramic Pipe


Glam It Up

Finally, the best part. Adornment. Perfect for any Christmas dinner, I personally choose one of the Altar Houseline's newest pieces. A floral chiffon Velvet Burnout Flounce Dress decorated with red roses, paired with Blackhorne's Oxblood Lola Harness. Not only does the rich red from the harness match the deep maroon of the flowers on the dress, but the boldness of the harness with the sheerness of the dress aid nicely in creating a stylishly risqué combination.    

Portland Local Altar PDX Houseline Velvet Burnout Rose Flounce Dress
Portland Local Blackhorne Harness



As a drag artist, I personally find Aromi's Matte Liquid Lipstick in Terra Cotta a favorite of mine. It offers that luscious blood red color, while making your lips perfectly seamless and matte. It also really gives your makeup that sort of 90's alternative Gwen Stefani type look, back when she first jumped on the stage and started doing push-ups mid-performance in her baggy pants, screaming something about being "Just a Girl." An excellent earring choice for this outfit would be Essie Day's Anyo Hoops


Portland Local Vegan Aromi Lipstick Monica Squitieri Brass Earrings

 For some reason, I am just loving this red and gold color pairing for Christmas! And if you want to color match this outfit even more,  Monica Squitieri's Dracaena Garnet and Brass Earrings are an excellent choice. Did you know Dracaena plants are named after the ancient Greek word, Drakaina, meaning 'female dragon'? How badass is that?! 


Portland Local Monica Squitieri Dracaena Garnett Earrings


And of course there's the gift for the hubby. The man that you just cannot stand, yet cannot live without. Usually in Portland, they have beards. So, check out RIDES Rêve Classic Beard Oil. Made by World Beard Champion, Madison Rowley, Rides is full of special essential oils to effectively hydrate, nourish, protect the quality of your man's facial garden. 

Portland Local Rides Beard Oil

Christmas Decor

And then of course there's Christmas decorations! Demetria Chappo Ceramics has so many special handmade one of a kind products, and the Sgraffito Moon Ornaments are definitely one of them. Hand sculpted porcelain ornaments with sgraffito carved motifs that hang from a vegan leather cord, these keepsakes are one of the ways you can decorate for the Christmas holiday while still keep true to your dark ways. 


Portland Local Sgraffito Ceramic Moon Ornaments

 And of course last but not least, Christmas cards! Do not skimp on Christmas cards. I repeat. Do not skimp on Christmas cards. Can you imagine, if you had bought all of these luxurious gifts for your person, and the card you send them is some cheap, typical, ugly Hallmark Christmas card that anyone could have found? No! You want your loved one to feel special on Christmas. And Christmas cards will be the very first thing your gift receiver will see. And what better way to excite their gift opening process by exalting their soon to be pleasurable Christmas experience with Helen Mask's Krampus Christmas Cards. These gift cards are decorated with the iconic German Demonic Santa Claus in a colorful digital print, and hand embellished with tiny little sparkling snow balls.


Portland Local Helen Mask Grampus Christmas Cards


And there you have it. My personal gift giving guide for the coming Christmas holiday!

(All Images by Altar PDX)