Gifts Under $100 (Pt 3)

For our final installment of Altar gift guides, we are focusing on the special people who tend to elicit a slightly higher price point as a gift consideration. That is to say, often the most special gifts are not determined whatsoever by their respective prices, we do, however, understand that there are some folks we just tend to bend our budget for.

We thought we’d make a guide of some of our favorite items --under $100-- that may strike your fancy as you embark on your gift giving mission. If you’re stumped about gifting in general, definitely check out our other two installments of Gifts Under $25 and Gifts Under $50!

Here’s our round up of gifts under $100:

Therese Kuempel Brass Lighter Cases ($75):  Handmade in Chicago by Therese Kuempel, each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. Lighter case in brass set with an opal. Fits standard size BIC Lighters.

Foxtail Bronze Diamond Spinner Stud Earrings ($102): Ok, they’re $2 over, but Look. At. them. These earrings are some of the most coveted in the shop; hand fabricated here in Portland, OR by metalsmith Betsy Yates, who is a creator of stunning kinetic jewelry.

Faceted Labradorite Smoking Accessory ($88): Looks as beautiful resting on your table as it is fully functional. These are a heavy weight, big chunk of labradorite that has been carved into a useful device of sorts…

Lvnea La Forêt Dormante ($95): A beautiful black glass bottle of heritage perfume that is one of our staff obsessions. Featured Notes: cypress, olibanum, violet leaf, oakmoss, rose de mai, bergamot, piñon pine resin.

Altar Houseline Woven Batwing Dress ($79): This is an easy dress because it styles in a million ways and has a very simple one-size gradation (fits most straight sizes easily 2-10). Though it can often be a little difficult to purchase clothing for someone else, we also offer an easy edit process for any customers who made need fit adjustments (we do these alterations free of charge, no brainer!). The fabric is a super soft crepe rayon that drapes beautifully.

The BEA Line Tourmalated Quartz Rings ($100): If you can casually find out the ring size, we can guarantee your recipient will love these pieces. They are classically beautiful, subtle, and stunningly well crafted.

Rattle Battle Ruffle Crescent Earrings ($72): Everyone loves these and we are the only place you can get them! Gorgeously hand hammered, with an organic motif that is reminiscent of ginko leaves.

Iron Oxide Black Crystal Crescent Gemstone Necklace ($79): This necklace is a favorite in our store, and styles with any garment for a classic look. It’s a great neutral, but has a flash of iridescent in the opal feature.

Large Smokey Quartz ($49) : Implicitly as one-of-a-kind as your recipient, smokey quartz is known for absorbing negative energy and serves as a psychic shield. We have some giant hunks of this beautiful crystal -- and you’re welcomed to call the shop to order them over the phone or by emailing

While Odin Sleeps Mother Moon Brass Earrings ($85): These big, beautiful brass earrings are hand carved and etched with lunar faces weeping flowers. The decoism and modernity is super stylish, and whenever we stock While Odin Sleeps, it sells out really quickly!