Blue & Blue Jewelry

Aug 1, 2017

Blue and Blue is a one of a kind Portland, OR bespoke jewelry brand, crafted from metals, natural stones, glass, beads, leather, and more! Owned and produced by Emerald Zedonek, all her practice in jewelry has been completely self taught, as her talents in designing and silversmithing her pieces came naturally.


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With a rustic style that always goes back to that of nature, Emerald loves geometric inspired shapes and varying stones and crystals to complete each piece. I love her statement rings that are large and in charge, often oval shaped, placed with adornments like labradorite, turquoise, and monarch opal, set onto thick sterling silver backplates, sometimes with a hand cut moon, twisted wire, or sterling ball accents.


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Her earrings are no child’s play either, with many unique pieces serving as excellent addition to complete anyone’s earring wardrobe. When I first saw Emerald’s earrings, I immediately noticed the various ear jackets she had. Take her Bloom Ear Jackets for example; she hand cuts each of the three petal pieces out of sterling silver with a minimal v pattern, stamped into each petal, oxidizing it to darken. The result is a cute designed earring ball, with a three petal sterling silver backing. I love how many of her earrings have this sort of backing. It’s a type of design that I wasn’t really familiar with, so seeing the different variations Emerald has made is super cool!


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Lastly, her necklaces are just as beautiful: large hanging stone pendants with symbolism in relation to the moon, teardrops, and arrowheads. As an attempt to try and describe her style simply, think of a rustic Fleetwood Mac fanatic living in the forest, befriending various animals and plants, as she prances in a field of baby’s breath at dawn, singing songs about the universe’s flora and fauna of this interconnected Earth.


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Blue & Blue’s jewelry is unique and made with love and care. Each product is unlike it’s sibling, each design tells a different story, and each piece fits a different person. Please check out this line of jewelry and find your own earring, necklace or ring perfectly suited to you!        


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